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In-Home Newborn Portraits with Jessica Catherine Photography

Jessica Catherine Photography is a boutique newborn and baby portrait studio that creates heirloom-quality portaits from the comfort of your home.

When Jessica created her business, she put herself in her clients’ shoes and decided that an in-home model would be most relaxing and enjoyable.  

Her clients clearly agree as Jessica is one of the top newborn and baby portrait artists in the Philadelphia area.  She has been recognized with a Main Line Parent LOVE Award as the Best Newborn Photographer (2019) and a Philadelphia Family LOVE Award as the Best Newborn Photographer (2020 and 2021) with the local communities.  She is also one of Expertise.com’s top Newborn Photographers in Philadelphia.

What makes Jessica Catherine Photography truly unique is threefold:

1. An in-home, posed portrait session (all props, outfits, backdrops, etc. are provided).

2. A completely customized experience for each unique family.

3. A professional photography experience that results in stunning heirloom artwork.

In the words of one of Jessica’s clients, Adrienne V., “Jessica has an absolute passion for what she does. She ensured that our experience was so easy and enjoyable and WOW we were impressed. Our photos were STUNNING – so beyond our expectations – and we are so excited for our album and to give our parents matching Grandparents albums as well. We can’t wait to work with her for our sitter and cake smash sessions too!”

The in-home experience

As a new parent, you have two choices regarding the location of your newborn or baby session. You can either go to a studio or you can have the session done in your home.  

The advantages of an in-home session are innumerable, but the most compelling reasons include:

  • You do not need to leave your home in the first two weeks of your baby’s life (which is when a posed newborn session is conducted).  Getting yourself and immediate family members ready for a photoshoot (makeup, hair, ironing clothes, etc.), getting the baby ready, packing the diaper bag with everything needed, and leaving your home can all be challenging shortly after giving birth.  Having access to your kitchen, your own bathroom/shower, and even your bed is valuable!
  • There is no need to expose your baby to a different environment.
  • Moms can pump or breastfeed in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Other siblings’ schedules need not be interrupted, nap time, lunchtime, and snack time, etc. can proceed as usual.
  • Most pets can be photographed with your baby.
  • You can stay in your comfy clothes almost the entire session, except for when you are being photographed with your baby.  Jessica suggests her clients do not get ready before her arrival. Most of her clients do not even begin to get ready until Jessica is a couple of hours into the session.
  • You can relax on your couch/bed as Jessica works her magic with your little one (some clients do in fact take naps!).
  • For 6-month sitter and cake smash milestone sessions, your baby can wake up right from their nap, have a snack if desired, and be immediately photographed during their “best” time.  
  • If desired, a hair and makeup artist can provide services in your home.

A Completely Customized Experience 

Not only is your experience in-home, it is also completely customized for you and your family.  

Jessica tailors each of her client’s sessions to their unique vision, goals and preferences. Favorite props, poses, colors, textures, and overall aesthetic is discussed at length.  

Some families prefer neutral or earth tones with rich wood floors, beautiful flowers or leafy greenery.  Other families may prefer a brighter or more bold color palette.  

Your preferences and vision are discussed during a Design Consultation. This Consultation occurs before your session so Jessica can carefully craft a plan for your family.

Jessica has an impressive amount of options to choose from to customize and style your session, but can also design something specifically for you if needed.  For example, she partners with a talented seamstress who can make a client’s wardrobe vision come to life.

A professional experience that results in stunning, heirloom artwork

Jessica Catherine Photography is specialized not only in photography, but also in printing.  

She partners with exclusive, professional photography labs to provide her clients with beautiful and exceptionally well-made, heirloom portrait art that is designed specifically to suit their home’s decor.

The artisans that create her portrait art pieces are located in the US and around the world.  Whether they are creating a genuine Italian leather album or a hand-torn fine part framed portrait (shown above), their artistry is evident in the final pieces.

Jessica provides custom album and wall art design services for her clients. She helps them select the best print medium and best location(s) in their home to display wall art.

Jessica’s clients receive a commissioned art piece (or multiple pieces) that they and their families will cherish for generations.

Jessica Catherine Photography offers maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions

Jessica is a newborn portrait artist but is also specialized in maternity and baby photography.

She has traveled across the US to complete numerous workshops with world-famous photographers to develop her craft. Of course capturing your baby’s newborn portraits is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Jessica also believes that capturing maternity portraits as well as a baby’s sitting and first year milestones shouldn’t be missed. After all, your baby is a baby for 1 year but they change so incredibly fast so it’s important to capture their most major milestones.

Therefore Jessica also offers Baby Plans, which include maternity, newborn, sitter (sitting milestone), and cake smash/1st year portraits.

Jessica absolutely adores watching her little clients grow and developing long-term relationships with her clients.

Baby Plan clients’ maternity, newborn, sitter and 1st year portraits are planned in advance so that they all coordinate and look stunning next to one another on your wall or in a first year album.  

We highly recommend you consider Jessica Catherine Photography when selecting a maternity, newborn or baby portrait artist.

Jessica Catherine Photography is a boutique, in-home maternity, newborn and baby portrait studio specializing in heirloom albums and wall art. Avoid a trip to a high traffic photography studio, sit back and relax as a professional portrait experience is brought to you. All props, outfits, backdrops and accessories are provided which enables you to achieve the look of a studio session in the comfort of your home.