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Hooking Up Your Home

A local family-run business provides all the tech you need. Or want.

Bringing technology into your home in the 21st Century can be overwhelming. With all the choices of products and vendors it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s where JL Entertainment Designs can help. Based in Exton, this family-owned business can provide and install as much—or as little—tech as your family desires. Whether you have a new build or an historic home, JL Entertainment Designs can turn any house into a smart-home. They also can simply mount a television, if that’s all you need. Every job is customizable. And there’s no fear of being upsold. “I’m here to make sure you make a good purchase,” owner Joe Lusi says, “[so] you don’t spend money that you don’t have to.”


Past and Future

Joe Lusi launched JL Entertainment Designs in 2007, and in 2014 Joe, a Navy veteran, ditched his day job to follow his dream of tech entrepreneurship. Together with his wife, he grew the company, which expanded even throughout the pandemic. “It was a little scary at first because 25% of our business was restaurant work, and that was the first thing to go,” says Michelle. But they found they were needed even more in the residential market. “With online learning and Zoom, WiFi was big for us,” Joe explains. Plus, with everyone stuck in their houses, people noticed what they didn’t have. Indoor and outdoor music systems and TVs, home theaters, and other audio/video products soared in popularity.”  “We are very blessed,” Michelle says. “Because we were in technology, we were able to succeed and flourish.”


However, the pandemic did push back the grand opening of their showroom by nearly a year. But now it’s open to visitors and features everything new in smart-home capabilities and audio-visual products. From complete home theaters to outdoor speakers, they carry the latest in tech. The Lusis and their team are experts in current products and trends, and will take the mystery and anxiety out of choosing what to install.


Family Forward 

With four kids in tow, the Lusis know how tricky it is to manage time and a budget. So they make the process easy for their clients. During a free consultation Joe will assess the client’s wants and needs. “It always starts with an interview before we even go into the room we’re going to be doing work in,” he says. From there, Joe draws up a detailed proposal of products, services, and pricing to present to the client. “So they know up front what to expect,” Michelle adds. After the sale, the service continues. If you ever have an issue with your product, the Lusis and their team are just a text or phone call away. Before generating a service call, they will always try to resolve your issue via the phone first.


They also clean up after themselves. “We’re going to take care of your home like it’s our own,” Michelle says, “and we’re going to leave it just as clean, if not cleaner when we leave.”


Frequently Asked

  • Already have a tech product you’d like to use? Terrific. JL Entertainment Designs can integrate any technology you already own into your plan. 
  • JL Entertainment Designs serves commercial clients as well—from installing a sound system to setting up a fully integrated network, they’ve got you covered.


Taking the Tech Plunge 

If you’re new to the area or are simply looking to upgrade,  JL Entertainment Designs  can make the process of adding tech to your home or business easy and efficient. There’s no need to shop around or drive endless miles to bring your tech home. “We sell everything we install,” Joe says. And they know about what they sell. So if your technology is stuck in the past, JL Entertainment Designs can bring your house into the future.


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JL Entertainment Designs offers custom audio/video solutions for your home or business. From installation of TVs, surround sound, music systems, home automation to networking and Wifi access points, they help make every part of your home work for you.