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Meet Erin Toscani, A Devoted Teacher at Holy Child School at Rosemont

Learn more about the rich learning experience that Erin, and her fellow teachers, are fostering at Holy Child School Rosemont

The 2018-19 academic year marks the start of Erin Toscani’s ninth year teaching at Holy Child School at Rosemont. It also means she will bid a bittersweet farewell to the first class of students she has seen go through this preschool through eighth, coeducational, independent, Catholic school located in Bryn Mawr.

“It’s been a true joy to watch these students grow,” said Toscani. “We are a community and a family–I know my students, their siblings, their parents, and very often their pets and grandparents too.”

It’s this family-like atmosphere, created by teachers like Erin, that draws so many to Holy Child School at Rosemont. Wayne parents Megan and Sean Bergin have all three of their children enrolled and value the care and attention given to each of their kids.

“From the Head of School, to the nurse, to the teachers–our kids are comfortable and feel at home with everyone,” said Sean.

Families value a childhood rich in learning experiences, grounded in faith, and filled with opportunities to give to others–all elements valued and incorporated into each day at Holy Child School at Rosemont.

“I feel fortunate to work in a school where the arts are valued,” said Toscani who teaches music to the younger grades. Lead by two full-time music specialists and two full-time visual arts specialists, students have music class daily in Early Childhood and several times a week as they progress through the grades. Older students can participate in two different choirs, instrumental ensembles, a jazz band, and more. “Cornelia Connelly, founder of the network of Holy Child Schools, was ahead of her time in believing in the value of arts education,” said Toscani.

Outside class time, the family that is Holy Child School at Rosemont values their faith. “I love being able to pray and worship along with my students and colleagues,” said Toscani.

As part of their faith, students are immersed in community-centered projects where they learn to give of themselves. All students regularly visit a local retirement home of religious, Middle School students help with a local nonprofit serving underprivileged youth, and the whole school community comes together throughout the year to prepare items for local organizations.

The home-like, family atmosphere is one parents at Holy Child School at Rosemont value deeply. “Our kids look forward to going to school,” said Megan Bergin. “Not only do they love learning, they are building self-confidence and making lifelong friendships.”

If you think Holy Child School at Rosemont is a good fit for your child, visit them at an upcoming open house from 9-11 am. Register for one of the following dates by clicking here.

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Photo by Abbe Foreman


Holy Child School at Rosemont is the best choice for families who believe that the first years of a child’s education play an out-sized role in helping achieve a life of happiness, contribution, and success. Holy Child parents make a priority of childhood education. We are a co-educational, independent, Catholic school that welcomes children of every faith, from early childhood through eighth grade.