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Empowering Education: PA Cyber Charter School Transforms Learning for Students

A Montgomery County family finds PA Cyber Charter School to be the ideal learning environment for their two sons.  

Tabatha and Geoffrey Clow were confident that a traditional public school wouldn’t be where their sons, Zechariah and Jacob, would thrive.
“For us it was about finding a school that fit the specific learning style needs of our children,” explains Tabatha. “Unfortunately, brick-and-mortar schools are still teaching every student the exact same way and that wasn’t going to work for our sons.” Each of their sons had distinct learning needs that would have to be addressed in order for them to both be successful throughout their educational careers. Zechariah, who eventually would be tested for being gifted, needed to be challenged to work to his full potential, while Jacob, who had an individualized educational plan (IEP), needed more flexibility and individual attention in order to succeed. With multiple degrees in education, Tabatha knew she could provide crucial support in her sons’ learning journeys, but decided to forgo the traditional homeschooling route and give the hybrid opportunity of cyber school a chance. Tabatha then found PA Cyber.


A Journey to Find the Right Fit

Now, in their eighth year at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber), the Clows, of Schwenksville, Montgomery County, can’t imagine a more ideal choice for their sons. “We were at a different cyber school before enrolling at PA Cyber,” says Tabatha. “The previous school wouldn’t work with Jacob’s IEP and wouldn’t allow Zechariah to be tested for being gifted. All around it wasn’t a positive experience.” Once they had their sons enrolled at PA Cyber, the difference in approach from their experience at the previous cyber school was astounding. 


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A Game Changing Discovery

The mission of PA Cyber is to “empower all students and families to become active participants in their own learning and equip them with skills for the future.” Every student is treated as an individual who has distinct needs that have to be met. PA Cyber tested and identified Zechariah as gifted and enrolled him in appropriate classes that met his potential up until his graduation last year. “Zechariah began at PA Cyber in fifth grade,” says Tabatha. “His gifted IEP at PA Cyber opened up so many opportunities for him.” Zechariah, who always had a passion for reading and writing, was able to focus on those interests in high-level English courses. “His experience at PA Cyber definitely prepared him for the workload that he would have to handle at the college level,” says Tabatha. Zechariah recently finished a community college course, and he’s currently preparing to enroll at a four-year college where he plans to major in video game design. He wants to put his love of writing into story creation for video games. “Zechariah is such a bright kid,” says Tabatha. “It’s amazing to see how his mind works. PA Cyber’s approach to learning helped him thrive.” 


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A Story of Success

The Clow’s son, Jacob, now in 10th grade, has equally flourished during his time with PA Cyber. “My son is receiving over 200 minutes of services per week including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Title One reading,” says Tabatha. “It’s awesome what they are doing for him.” A traditional public school, according to Tabatha, would never have been able to provide Jacob with that amount of services in a week. “That’s not a knock on traditional public schools,” she says. “It’s just the truth. I knew my son needed more in order for him to be a functioning adult when he graduated high school.” When he graduates, Tabatha is more than confident that he will be. 


PA Cyber: A Beacon of Personalized Learning

Since 2000, PA Cyber has offered students in kindergarten through 12th grade an alternative to traditional education.  Student experiences can be customized because of the flexible virtual environment. As one of the oldest and most experienced cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania, PA Cyber proudly “recognizes the different developmental stages students typically follow while respecting the individual abilities of each child.” Live and self-paced classroom settings are available at PA Cyber, as well as extracurricular clubs and field trips. People often question the Clows on how they socialize their child while enrolled in a cyber school. One of many ways, according to Tabatha, are field trips. “PA Cyber has awesome field trips that they offer students,” says Tabatha. “It’s a chance to connect with other PA Cyber families and students while also having fun.” In addition to its online offerings, PA Cyber also has locations throughout Pennsylvania (including a Philadelphia-area location in Springfield, Delaware County) that offer resources and support for students and families. The regional offices host “family and student-centered activities and programs designed to enrich, enhance, and extend students’ learning experiences.” Some of these enrichment opportunities include guidance workshops, career exploration opportunities, STEM programs, book fairs, and more. 


A Story of Gratitude

male teenager mixing a cakeTabatha gets emotional when she reflects on how much her son Jacob has grown during his time with PA Cyber. “Our time at PA Cyber has been one of the best experiences we as a family have ever had with a school,” she says. “They have been the most helpful school that my sons have ever been in,” she says. As a parent, Tabatha feels like she has had a relationship with her sons’ teachers. “They listen to me,” she says. “We have discussions and they listen to my concerns or recommendations. That is so meaningful to me as a parent.” 


Tabatha Clow will always be grateful for what PA Cyber has done, and continues to do, for her family. “We are extremely fortunate to have chosen PA Cyber for our sons’ education,” she says. 


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Photography by AnneMarie Hamant, Lifestyle Family Photographer.



Serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber) is one of the largest, most experienced, and most successful online public schools in the nation. As a public school, PA Cyber is open for enrollment by any school-age child residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and does not charge tuition to students or families.