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The Easiest Thanksgiving Ever

Imagine a Thanksgiving filled with family, laughter, love and very little dinner prep work. Whole Foods Market can make that happen.

The Easiest Thanksgiving Ever with Whole Foods Market

When asked about their favorite ways to make Thanksgiving dinner easier, our Main Line Parent Community was eager to share their thoughts. “Whole Foods gravy,” Marian Birkeland said. “I hate the last-minute twiddling of making gravy and theirs is excellent.” Gena Oliver agreed, “We always pick up Whole Foods gravy too! We can’t for the life of us make a decent gravy (every adult in our family has failed over the years).”


Thanksgiving Help from Whole Foods Market

Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving for a young family of four or hosting relatives from out of town, the consensus to a more relaxed holiday dinner is to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family. From complete meals to your family’s favorite side dishes, Whole Foods Market is committed to helping you start with the best so that you can have the best holiday ever.


Ashley from Whole Foods Market explains, “[We know] you can do it all, but you don’t have to.” Choose from a variety of fully prepared meals with fresh turkeys or pick up a few side dishes to compliment your family’s favorites. “You can still make your family’s favorite side dishes,” Ashley reiterates. “Make some, buy some. Let us be a cook in your kitchen so that you can spend more time with family and less time in the kitchen.”


“Whole Foods sells an Oven-Ready Turkey (cleaned, aromatics are in the cavity, etc.),” said Karen Fuscaldo, a Main Line Parent Community member.  “[I’ve] been buying them for more than 15 years. I usually add my own touches to the turkey prior to roasting, but it’s totally worth the price. Their fresh turkey gravy is fabulous too. I stopped making my own because theirs is just better.”


The Easiest Thanksgiving Ever with Whole Foods Market Dinners


Community member, Lisa Goldschmidt, emphasized the ease and traditional feel of Whole Foods Market’s service as well. “I used to get the oven-ready turkey – it would be all prepared in the pan, and you would take it home and roast it. [It was] easy-peasy and totally traditional – and your house will still smell good!”


Need to order last minute? Whole Foods Market requires 48 hours advance notice for pick-up, but they do have Thanksgiving Day pick-up options available. “Pick-ups on Thanksgiving morning are especially good and super easy if you’re tight on space in your kitchen,” Ashley points out. “For the best selection of bird sizes, schedule a Monday or Tuesday pick-up though.”


“Whole Foods!” Main Line Parent Community Member, Ali Sheehan, enthusiastically agreed. “It’s so, so, so good! And [it’s] great quality food which is great for a mama who just had a baby! Treat your body well.”


Ordering your Thanksgiving meal or side dishes from Whole Foods Market is easy. Choose from their online ordering option at holiday.wholefoodsmarket.com, call to speak with an order specialist at 1-844-936-2428, or stop by the Holiday Tables in-store and let a Holiday Expert help you plan your meal.



Story told by Brandi Jordan.

Photos courtesy of Whole Foods Market.