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Creating Smiles and Spreading the LOVE at Devon Orthodontics

From technology to generosity, learn what sets these LOVE Award winners apart.

After a year behind masks and screens, smiles are slowly making a comeback. But making people smile—and keeping those smiles healthy and beautiful—has always been what Devon Orthodontics is all about.


“Our family experience at Devon Orthodontics has always been one of a kind. My three children have been seen by Dr. Secchi and his wonderful team. There is always a given nervousness and anxiety that comes with a visit to the dentist, and more so to the orthodontist. At Devon Orthodontics, the experience turns into a fun and pleasant one from the moment you walk up the stairs and are greeted by their friendly staff…. The kids love to visit, and everyone always comes out with a great and big smile.”


Looking over Devon Orthodontics’ myriad Main Line Parent LOVE Award nominations, their praise is not just for their expertise, but also for their presence in the community, individualized approach, and level of care that makes everyone feel at ease.


Dr. Antonino Secchi and his wife Dr. Maria, who serves as Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator, are not just a great professional team—they excel in their roles as community builders and parents to their five children. While their office is equipped with the latest technology to offer efficient and personalized solutions, it is complemented by Dr. Secchi’s two decades of clinical experience and professional certification by the American Board of Orthodontics.  This truly sets Devon Orthodontics apart, allowing their patients to feel confident in their treatment both in and out of the office.


“In life, we are all connected,” Maria tells us. “You want your kids to see that if you have a business, you want to share your successes and give back as role models in the community. You want to inspire your kids to be the best they can be, in all aspects of life.” The Secchis have deeply rooted themselves in the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District, and support community events, organizations, extracurricular clubs, and sports teams. Throughout the whole pandemic, they have continued to actively seek ways to give back. This has included being flexible with patient finances, to running a community food drive to help those in need.


“It’s amazing how people are able to create a close bond with their orthodontist,” Maria says. When Devon Orthodontics opened in 2002, many patients followed Dr. Secchi from Philadelphia to Devon, and have stayed with the practice as their families have grown.


“Our family has been going to Devon Orthodontics for several years. The staff are patient, kind and clearly ‘know their stuff.’ I originally took my children to have a consultation and I ended up being a patient too!”


Orthodontics may often be considered a long-term relationship. Children could need expanders from as early as seven years of age, and move on to braces as they mature. While it’s most common to think of orthodontics as being only for children and adolescents, it is never too late to start your orthodontic journey as an adult. In fact, “the number of adults, happily, undergoing treatment with clear aligners has increased substantially in our office,” explains Maria. It is truly different for every patient, and the Devon Orthodontics team takes the time to educate patients and parents on their options and recommendations when it comes to treatment plans, insurance, finances, and everything in between.


“We are not a cookie cutter office that uses the same template for each patient,” Maria says. “Parents need to educate themselves and feel comfortable before they start treatment.”


Because the office is constantly seeking and updating the latest technology, they can move quickly—for example, having onsite intraoral scanners and 3D printers means patients can start with their clear aligners or retainers as soon as possible. These new technologies also make the process much more comfortable for patients—no more traditional impressions needed, as it is all digital now!


The results speak (and smile) for themselves:


“Maria was the first person we worked with and was great with walking us through the process and also with helping us understand our insurance coverage. After giving us an idea of cost and treatment plans, we felt comfortable knowing what was going to be included. There were never any add-on fees for the unexpected. Dr. Secchi is knowledgeable and willing to explain to parents all options. He clearly conveyed what was important to be done at this age and what would really just be cosmetic if we chose to move forward. My daughter likes the office and is encouraged by their rewards program. I have recommended them to multiple people.”



Devon Orthodontics is located at 299 Lancaster Avenue, on the second floor, in Devon. To schedule an appointment, call (484) 580-8050 or complete an online request form.




Devon Orthodontics supports the Main Line Parent Community.


Dr. Antonino Secchi of Devon Orthodontics is your trusted orthodontic specialist in Devon, Paoli, and Wayne. Dr. Secchi is one of only a few orthodontists certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and is uniquely qualified to treat patients of all ages. Dr. Secchi and our team care about your health and happiness, and we want you to have a wonderful orthodontic experience.