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Check Out Comcast’s New Interactive Xfinity Store and Main Line Parent Smart Home Workshop

From home security to controlling screen time, this new immersive Xfinity store can help keep your family connected—to the world and to each other.


Comcast recently opened an exciting new Xfinity Store on City Avenue, and you’re going to want to block off some time to visit and experience it for yourself. It’s sparkly, high-tech, and has lots of parking; but even better, you get the instant gratification of taking home your shiny new product right away. A far cry from the industrial-looking service centers from before, the new store is an immersive space where you can try out the products, seek guidance about what best suits your needs, and learn some tips along the way.


The range of Xfinity offerings “can be as simple as you want them to be, but they are capable of so much more. By going into the store we can demo our products  in a face-to-face, hands-on environment,” explained Mark Dionne, Director of Retail, Comcast Freedom Region. From a smart home system to Internet to mobile phone service, there are so many products—and they often work together in ways you don’t even realize—so it is helpful to have a live, guided experience that shows you how to get the most out of what you’re already paying for in some cases.


For example, did you know that your Xfinity X1 video package has a dedicated “Kids Zone,” where parents can set up protections so kids can explore age-appropriate content on their own (and not accidentally buy an entire season of Doc McStuffins by pressing the wrong buttons)? We learned that in the simulated living room setup in the store, complete with comfy seating and flat screen TVs.


Another “zone” in the store is the Connected Home—including a fake front door—where you can see home security and automation options in action, and even see how you can control Xfinity Home from your phone or other devices. You can learn how to set remote controlled locks and thermostats, view security cameras from your phone when you’re away, and even set it up so you receive a text message when your kid gets home from school.

Speaking of kids and text messages, the Xfinity xFi zone demonstrates personalized home WiFi, including how to set usage limits (you can even “pause” devices during dinner or study time!), and set up safe browsing.


Finally, a big part of the store is the Xfinity Mobile area, where you can buy new Apple or Samsung mobile phones, or bring in your existing Apple devices and choose a new plan based on your needs. The specialists in the store can help you decide on the best type of data plan for your family’s use, or even help you change plans. Families with tweens that need talk and text but can get by on WiFi for data can get the best deal. With no line charges, that service can cost just a few dollars per month.


You can see this all for yourself and learn more about these family-centric features at our Main Line Parent Smart Home Workshop on Wednesday, November 7, from 6—8 pm. In addition to wine and light bites, you can go around to the different “zones” of the store for demonstrations and discussions about family issues and solutions. Fill up your Demo Card at all four stations, and you’ll be entered to win an August Smart Lock and August Connect (two prizes in one, valued at nearly $300). These August door locks are “Works with Xfinity” compatible devices that can be paired and controlled via the Xfinity Home platform, but you can still use them if you don’t have Xfinity Home as well. And even if you don’t win, you’ll get to take home a premium swag bag from Main Line Parent and Xfinity!


RSVP for the event here or at the top of this page with the Eventbrite form.

Comcast’s new Xfinity Store is located at 4504 B City Ave, right between Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia. It is open seven days a week: Monday through Saturday from 9 am—8 pm, and Sunday from 11 am—5 pm.



Photographs provided by Comcast. 


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