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After the Stork on Empowering Parents—and Letting Them Sleep!

Invest in yourself and your growing family with a professional postpartum doula.

While becoming a new parent is such an exciting and special time, it is also incredibly demanding. For countless new moms, the lack of sleep, support, and experience can be deeply isolating and stressful. Many of us suffer in silence, telling ourselves this is just what we are supposed to do as mothers; but the toll this attitude takes on mothers, babies, and the whole postpartum experience is detrimental to the entire family.


Georgette Kerr founded After the Stork in 2006 to break this cycle. “Just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean it’s easy,” she tells us. A mother of four herself, she knows all too well that newborns “don’t come with a set of instructions,” and she became a doula because “there’s a huge learning curve, and I want to empower moms and dads.”


Whether it’s support with breastfeeding, help developing a flexible routine, learning to read your baby’s cues, keeping your baby engaged and happy, or even getting your baby to sleep through the night, Georgette and her team of doulas help guide parents through the most challenging time of their lives. As her business has grown, she has focused on hiring the best, most qualified doulas. “I have the best doulas and my job now is to make sure they are all doing a fabulous job.” Georgette also offers supplemental support over the phone, and can even provide sleep coaching for long-term clients.


Understandably, overnight shifts are the most requested, and the most crucial. “In the middle of the night, it’s important to have someone that’s very capable—so you’re not just handing your baby over to your mother-in-law who hasn’t held a baby in 30 years,” Georgette explains. Doulas will coach and guide you as to why your baby is awake at night, then “hold out our hands” to take over. They will bring your baby in for feedings, then allow you to rest while they settle the baby back to sleep.


Georgette jokes that her team are “fairies” because they come at night, seamlessly anticipate the needs of their clients, and show themselves out in the morning as the family is waking to start their day. They even help get routine household chores done while the parents and the baby are sleeping. Cleaning and sterilizing pumping equipment, preparing bottles, doing laundry, and other light housekeeping help parents wake up feeling better prepared to take on their incredible new roles. With this expert support, parents are able to be present and well-rested while making memories and getting to know their precious new arrival.


It is no surprise, then, that After the Stork’s business largely comes from repeat clients, past client recommendations, and professional referrals. Once parents realize that they do not have to get through this alone, and that they can actually enjoy the newborn days, they want to share this knowledge with their village.


Because of their reputation, After the Stork’s schedule books months in advance, so contact them early if you are expecting—it will give you peace of mind that once the baby comes, you have the support you need ready to spring into action! Visit www.afterthestork.info/contact/ to get started on your journey.



After the Stork supports the Main Line Parent Community.

Since 2006, After the Stork has been dedicated to helping families throughout the Greater Philadelphia region adjust to life with a precious newborn. We offer support, education, and assistance for a smooth transition to parenthood. Visit us at https://afterthestork.info/