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Ufberg Dental Introduces Sedation Dentistry to Ease Anxiety

Wake up to a healthy, beautiful smile.

It is estimated that 90 million people in the United States don’t see a dentist regularly due to dental anxiety. Missed appointments mean missed preventative care—and by the time these patients finally do go to the dentist, it is likely due to pain they can no longer ignore, and involves much more extensive work.


“We had patients who were petrified to get work done,” Dr. Aaron Ufberg of Ufberg Dental tells us. “They’re so scared, they just cry in the chair.”


Dr. Ufberg has been in practice for 24 years, and remains committed to continuing dental education to ensure the practice is using the best materials and methods and technology. So, when he learned of the benefits of sedation dentistry, he completed a comprehensive and rigorous training program through DOCS Education—including two years of clinical training—to obtain his sedation license, allowing patients to achieve their dental goals stress-free.


One of the only general dental practices on the Main Line to offer patients the ability to sleep through their procedures, Ufberg Dental assures a safe and comfortable environment, monitoring their heartrate and vitals while their work is peacefully completed. “Patients are happy, it’s easy for them,” Dr. Ufberg describes.



While sedation obviously makes the experience easier for the patient, it also enables dentists to get more work done in fewer appointments. “You can get a lot of dentistry done when the musculature is relaxed” Dr. Ufberg explains. Procedures like extractions, bone grafting, and implants—which can often require multiple visits over months—can be completed in significantly limited sessions with sedation, saving everyone valuable time and discomfort.


While this is a relatively new offering at Ufberg Dental, sedation dentistry is already changing lives. In addition to general dentistry, Ufberg Dental offers cosmetic solutions like crowns, veneers, bleaching, implants, and Invisalign. As people are going back to work in person, and emerging from behind their masks and Zoom screens, they are calling more and more, looking to make a good impression and get their smile “as bright and healthy as possible,” Dr. Ufberg tells us. Removing the fear—and the memory itself—of the process is reason enough to smile.


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Photographs by Ivory Tree Portraits. Ufberg Dental, PC supports the Main Line Parent community.

Dr. Aaron Ufberg shares his expertise in cosmetic and restorative dentistry with clients through his offices in Berwyn and Drexel Hill. When treating clients of any age, Dr. Ufberg taps into his certifications in sedation dentistry, bleaching, veneers, and surgical implants to offer comprehensive dental services.