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The Main Line Baby Resource Guide for Expecting Parents

Tips and resources to help you navigate your pregnancy and new baby stage from the region's most trusted Facebook Group, our Main Line Parent Community.

Pregnancy is one of the most awe-inspiring, confusing, scary, anxiety-ridden, joyous, hopeful, and beautiful times in the life of any family. From the moment the test tells you it’s positive, after the shock wears off that this is really happening, it’s time to start studying and get planning. There is so much to learn about pregnancy, the process of birth, the postpartum period, and the first year of your child’s life, including breastfeeding, sleep support, and Mommy’s survival. And even if you’re an expert, you’ll still need help!

That’s why we’ve gathered this group of pregnancy, birth, and childhood experts and providers, with help from our Main Line Parent Community Facebook page. With just a little extra support to make this journey smoother and sweeter for both you and baby, you’ll be able to focus on the most important thing: your growing family.

For Delivery, Post-Partum Care, Birthing Classes

Chester County Hospital (Penn Medicine) (West Chester)

I had my daughter 4 weeks early there. They were great! The NICU staff was compassionate and knowledgable. Also, they had a pumping room and even a family room where hubby and I slept with our daughter the night before we brought her home to make sure we could handle everything. Very positive experience.
Main Line Parent Community member

Lifecycle WomanCare (formerly The Birth Center) (Bryn Mawr)

“I had all four children there and I could NEVER imagine delivering anywhere else. it was the most empowering experience ever and totally shaped me into the mother I am today. cant rave enough about it. I have turned so many woman that way even just for their gyno services and ALL have been thrilled. client for life! “
Main Line Parent Community member

Bryn Mawr Hospital (Main Line Health) (Bryn Mawr)

“Delivered 3 babies at Bryn Mawr, great experience. Love all the nurses. I actually delivered my 3rd in the ER because I couldn’t get to L&D!!! Baby came fast!! But my doctor and L&D nurses came to the ER within minutes of him being born.”
Main Line Parent Community member

Lankenau (Main Line Health) (Wynnewood)

“Love lankenau!!! Had both my babies there. Dr. Joan Devine was amazing. The nurses were super supportive and nice. I would have a third just to have that experience again.”
Main Line Parent Community member

Paoli Hospital (Main Line Health) (Paoli)

“It was wonderful. My labor/delivery was my room and it was a private room. The nurses were great and I was free to do what I needed to deliver naturally.”
Main Line Parent Community member


Bloom / Experience Chiropractic (King of Prussia)

“Dr. Brandie specializes in pregnant women and is very gentle but still gets the job done. Shes also incredible at just feeling around and finding the exact spot that is the issue.”
Main Line Parent Community member

Ohm Family Chiropractic

“Ohm chiropractic was amazing. I went once a week in my 3rd trimester and I swear they helped keep me up right at the end!”
Main Line Parent Community member

Multi-Service Organizations

Main Line Family Education (Devon) – Birthing classes, newborn basics, infant and child CPR, breastfeeding, sleep, and more.

Gathered Birth (Media) – Birthing classes, pregnancy planning services, doula services, yoga, breastfeeding support, parent support groups.

Love Over Fear Wellness (Operating at Yoga Home in Conshohocken) – Doula services, yoga, childbirth classes.

These by far were my favorite childbirth classes. They were informative, engaging, and provided resources I actually used during birth.
Main Line Parent Community member

Newborn Concepts (Malvern) – Breastfeeding classes, childbirth education, fertility support including through hypnosis (hypnobirthing), doula services.
Berri Healthy (Media and Bala Cynwyd) – Prenatal massage, doula services.

“Kymberlie did an AMAZING prenatal massage for me!”
Main Line Parent Community member

The Nesting House (Mount Airy) – Cloth diapering workshops and support, baby-wearing classes and support, natural baby registry, parenting support groups.
Well Born Baby – Doula services, childbirth education, breastfeeding classes and support.

Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness

Club La Maison

Megan Seay at Club La Maison for prenatal and postpartum fitness! She is fantastic at designing workouts to fit your individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. Plus she is fun to work with and a great motivator!
Main Line Parent Community member

Fit4MOM Main Line & Media

I love the Fit4Mom community and classes. I started with my daughter when she was around 6-8 weeks. She’s now 2.5 and I still take her. Babies cry, need to be fed and changed. Toddlers through toys and tantrums! It’s all good and you are not alone. All the mamas help out!
Main Line Parent Community member

Focus Fitness Main Line (Bryn Mawr)

Awesome boutique gym with great intimate small childcare. Definitely worth checking out!!
Main Line Parent Community member


After the Stork banner


After the Stork

“Georgette and her team went above and beyond each moment she was with our family. She has the keen ability to foresee our needs before we even see them ourselves. She made the postpartum time so much easier and so much more delightful. She truly knows her stuff and is such a valuable resource! We already have her contracted for the birth of our fourth boy”
Main Line Parent Community member

Main Line Doulas

King of Prussia Doulas

“An amazing resource for prenatal/post-partum support, lactation, placenta encapsulation, infant massage, childcare resources… Lacey is amazing & a mother of 3 girls herself, her knowledge, kindness and support is unparalleled. I’ve found that she will literally go above and beyond for her clients’ happiness”
Main Line Parent Community member

Flexible Doula Care

Childcare Referral and Placement

Philadelphia Nanny Network (Ardmore)
The Watchful Eye Consulting Firm (Wayne) – Childcare referral and placement.

Cloth Diapering/Baby-Wearing

Philly Diaper Service
Babywearing International of Southeastern PA

“This group of amazing volunteers helps make sure caregivers are comfortable and children are safe in all carriers, offering a lending library with over 200 carriers available to supporting library members with meetings in various spaces throughout the area!” 
– Main Line Parent Community member


Dr. Black at Wayne Nemours Pediatrics

“Dr. David Black at Wayne Nemours Pediatrics is hands down the best pediatrician I’ve ever taken my children to. He is kind, caring, experienced, never made me feel crazy, and always trusted my input.”
Main Line Parent Community member

Dr. Patel at  CHOP Haverford

“First time mom and she has never made me feel silly for any question or concern”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Dr. Fanelli at Nemours Villanova

“She’s never once made me feel like a silly FTM and even told me point blank that she never wants me to ever feel like I can’t call for an appointment or phone consult whenever”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Dr. Karten at Nemours Villanova

“She is super sweet, amazing with kids, supportive of parent choices and never rushes you.
– Main Line Parent Community member

Dr. Vince at Nemours Media

“She really takes her time answering all my FTM questions and never makes me feel silly.”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Gordon Klinow Pediatric Associates (Rosemont)

“A small practice but more than one doctor which I really recommend because otherwise it’s more difficult to get to see the doctor! Never pushy or judgmental.”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Mental Health Services

The Postpartum Stress Center (Bryn Mawr)

Women’s Emotional Wellness Center – Main Line Health (Newtown Square)

Women’s Emotional Wellness Center is great for mental health during pregnancy, handling unexpected outcomes, and postpartum as well. I can not recommend highly enough!
– Main Line Parent Community member

Breastfeeding Resource Center (Abington and King of Prussia)

“The Breastfeeding Resource Center saved my breastfeeding relationship with both of my children.”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Motherborn (West Chester)
La Leche League of Eastern Pennsylvania

There are several chapters/groups in our area and it’s free! It’s a great resource for online Facebook advice but they also host in person meetings which has helped me meet other nursing mothers and address questions and concerns when it arises.
– Main Line Parent Community member

Colleen McLaughlin (Media)

“Colleen does really wonderful work with little ones during lactation/breastfeeding and/or after vaccines, injuries etc. She has helped our son tremendously through CFT therapy.”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Sleep Training and Consultants

Confident Parenting

“I highly recommend contacting Erica Desper of Confident Parenting. It was the best money we spent when my 3yo went through a major sleep regression. My only regret was not contacting her sooner because we spent two years not sleeping prior to that and it was all completely avoidable.”
– Main Line Parent Community member

Tiny Transitions (West Chester)
Savvy Parenting Support

“Savvy Parenting Support is “a gentle sleep consultant, gentle discipline (toddlers etc) specialist, and early potty training consult. All of her methods work well with attachment parenting, co-sleeping, etc. We used her for some extra newborn care (also is a postpartum doula) and general sleep help for a baby who enjoys middle-of-the-night parties. We did not want to do sleep training, so she gave us a plan without.”
– Main Line Parent Community member


MultipliCity – Delaware Valley Families of Multiples Club
Main Line Moms of Multiples

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