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GIVEAWAY! Nutrition Support Before And After Baby Arrives

Learn more with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Beth Auguste, from Be Well with Beth.

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Good nutrition isn’t just a building block for growing a healthy baby. It’s the foundation that will help you thrive in new motherhood. Learn more with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Beth Auguste, from Be Well with Beth.


If you are like most of expectant parents, you’ll spend 9 long months doing your best to help your body grow a healthy baby. And then suddenly, after baby arrives, you’ll focus 1000% of your attention on caring for your little bundle. But wait a minute, what about you? Don’t neglect yourself! 


You know the saying, you need to put on your oxygen mask first. But how in the world can you put yourself first when you are so immersed in figuring out how to take care of a newborn??


That’s where your prenatal/postpartum nutritionist can help! 


Nutrition counseling while pregnant can look like menu planning for your current pregnancy needs – and it can also look like planning for how to nourish yourself after baby arrives. 


What Happens in Prenatal Nutrition Counseling


Whenever you get in the door, preconception or post-conception, it’s a great time to start!


Your nutritionist will help you make a plan to fit essential nutrients into your diet in a way that feels feasible. And it won’t stop there, you’ll also discuss other wellness goals related to a healthy pregnancy like fitness and stress management.


What Happens in Postpartum Nutrition Counseling (and why you need it)


It can start when you are pregnant. At your third trimester appointment your nutritionist will help you build a grocery list of easy grab-and-go or heat-and-eat meals. You can even use your appointment time to build an Instacart order that will sit there until you hit purchase on your way home from the hospital!


After you’ve had the baby and have been home for a week or so, you’ll log in to a video session and chat about how you are healing and, if you are breastfeeding, how it is going. Your nutritionist might recommend specific foods that will help you with recovery or lactation.


Don’t be surprised if you wind up talking about ridiculously practical things, like where and how to stash snacks and drinks so that you’ll have sustenance when you get stuck under a suckling or sleeping infant. (If you haven’t had the baby yet this may seem excessive, but trust, you’ll appreciate it!) 


We’ve all heard that it takes a village, and your prenatal/postpartum nutritionist is part of that village! We are here to offer kindness, connection and a gentle encouragement to nourish yourself amidst the chaos.  


A lifelong relationship with your nutritionist


Your prenatal/postpartum nutritionist has been with you through one of life’s biggest transitions. We know you well and we also know that in the years after becoming a parent you may struggle to feel like ‘you’ again. We can help.


It goes beyond simple meal plans or grocery lists. We’ll help you establish wellness routines that fit your ever-changing routine. Your self care may look different after you have kids, and we’ll help you figure out what it looks like for you.


Learn more about how Beth can support you and enjoy some free resources here. Beth offers virtual services including insurance covered telehealth.


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