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Nurturing Future Leaders at Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr

Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr understands that today's kindergarteners are tomorrow's leaders.

Curriculum, collaboration, community, classroom, and confidence are key at Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr. Nowhere is that more apparent than in their STEM program.

This year students in grades Kindergarten through Fourth Grade are working together to recreate the wetlands and code robots. By developing their own code, students learn how to navigate the robots through the wetlands paths they create.

When asked what they liked about the project, students focused on the collaboration and confidence that they develop while working on the curriculum. “I like the engineering part of it where if something doesn’t work you try it again and again and again,” Kaelin, an elementary student, explained.

Devon, also an elementary student, expressed her feelings about the collaboration that is integral to the STEM program’s success. “I like that we get to work together with students in different grades,” she stressed.

Community and Collaboration

That collaboration begins when students enter Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr in kindergarten and continues throughout the high school experience.

“When I stepped into Sacred Heart it felt like a home away from home,” Corina, Vice President of the Junior Class, said as she talked about what drew her to Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr in her freshman year of high school.

From teachers who encourage girls to explore and learn in engaging, hands-on ways, to top-notch classroom technology and resources, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr provides each student with the tools and support she needs to excel. That sense of community extends throughout the student body where girls learn to become leaders who encourage and support one another in their educational journeys.

Discover How Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr Can Change Your Daughter’s Future

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Founded in 1865, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr is an all-girls, Kindergarten through Grade 12, independent, Catholic, college preparatory school on the Main Line. SHA educates college-bound women by cultivating their self-confidence, guiding them to realize their personal and scholastic potential and their responsibility to others, and by preparing them to meet life’s challenges - all within an academic and religiously diverse community that focuses on spiritual values and the individual student.