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Nothing but LOVE for Nothing Bundt Cakes

Owner Kim Wright talks cakes, community, and core values.

“It’s not just about cakes for us, it’s about something more.”


Kim Wright is as bright and warm as her bakery in Wynnewood. Since opening just a few years ago, the busy “boy mom” has been overwhelmed by the connections and support that have sustained and grown Nothing Bundt Cakes in good times and bad. These days, people are connecting differently and celebrating on a smaller scale, yet her bakeries have been able to remain within those special moments. “The best part about what I do and the growth that I’ve had is that I’m able to reach the community. I’m a giver by nature. Doing it as an individual is great, but being able to impact the communities that I’m in has been so unbelievable,” she tells us.


Based on the homey, personalized feel of the bakery, we were surprised to learn that Nothing Bundt Cakes Ardmore/Wynnewood was a franchise, originally based in Texas where Wright is from. When deciding to open her own shop, she was drawn not only to the delicious cakes she had loved back home but the company’s core values which aligned so strongly with her own. The importance of relationships and community-building were essential to Wright’s business and success.


Since then, she has expanded to two additional locations: Springfield and, most recently, King of Prussia/Wayne. The recent acquisition of this location at the Gateway Shopping Center has been such an exciting way to kick off 2021:


“I’m beyond thrilled to be able to collaborate with local business owners and groups I have known for a little while but haven’t been able to due to the distance to my other two locations. And of course, I look forward to making more connections and learning more about the local community and how Nothing Bundt Cakes can participate. You already know that, since I consider my first title as Mom; because of that I’m hoping to help local schools, teams, and groups fundraise during these unprecedented times when every penny counts. Along with the physical assets, I’m inheriting a knowledgeable, established team that is committed to spreading JOY one Bundt bite at a time. Although there will be a change in ownership I’m confident that loyal guests of Wayne/ King of Prussia will receive the same superior product and service that keep them coming back. I’m most excited to explore the community daily and meet unsuspecting individuals to ‘surprise and delight’ them with free cake. Cake is my love language!”


“It’s like coming home. You never think that a business can connect all the dots for you and check all these boxes, but then there are boxes you didn’t even know you have and it all comes together in business and in life.”


Listening to people’s stories and being part of their celebrations and special occasions, Wright forms bonds that often endure beyond a singular birthday party or holiday dinner. “You never know where the relationship is gonna go. Sometimes it leads to such great things,” she says. This can be as simple as helping a local softball team raise money by donating to their raffle, or as deep as helping a family who lost someone to cancer remember her with her favorite red velvet cake.


Wright also forms strong community bonds with her ability to “surprise and delight,” as she puts it. She recalls reading about a local business that was closing, and driving to the store with a cake for the owner to brighten his day. Now she sees him and his wife in the bakery regularly.


Nothing Bundt Cakes took on its legendary status within Main Line Parent after Wright brought her Bundtinis (mini, single-serve cakes) to one of our community gatherings. “My number one title is mom. We all want to support one another,” she told us of our brand and community. Since then, the cakes have become favorites on our team and in our families.




When Nothing Bundt Cakes won a Main Line Parent LOVE Award, she actually was a “double LOVE winner,” she explained—at the Nothing Bundt Cakes national franchise conference, she had won their LOVE award, which stands for “living our values everyday.”


While her four sons—three of whom are hockey players—keep her on her toes, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Aidan, 11 just started middle school, twins Brady and Jack are 9, and her youngest Charlie, just turned 4. And, yes, they all have their favorite Bundt flavors.


“I feel like my bucket is filled every day, because of the connections I’m making.”


In the wake of the pandemic, so many small businesses—especially restaurants—struggled or even shuttered. But while Nothing Bundt Cakes did have to close their in-store shopping early on, business was sustained with curbside pickup and local delivery. “The community sustained us during COVID. We never had to close our doors. We supported the community, and the community supported us right back,” Wright remembers. In fact, she was even able to open a second location in Springfield this past August. “They’re fiercely loyal people, which I love,” she says of the Delco neighborhood.


Also important to Wright, she was able to keep her employees on when so many businesses were forced to make difficult decisions. The ability to employ and mentor young people in her bakeries is something in which Wright takes much pride. She tells us, “I’ve had so many great mentors in my life who have helped me become great in business, but to be able to do that for other kids here… My hope is that as they go and do what they dream of in the future, that I’ve given them something to take with them and use. I treat them how I would want people to treat my own son in his first job.”


Life as a mom and small business owner is busy, especially preparing for high-volume holidays. But it’s being part of those cherished occasions that make life so sweet.



Nothing Bundt Cakes is located at 333 E. Lancaster Avenue in Wynnewood; 1001 Baltimore Pike, Suite B-2 in Springfield; and now 245 Swedesford Road in the Gateway Shopping Center in Wayne! The bakeries are open Monday through Saturday, and also offer delivery and curbside pickup. 


Nothing Bundt Cakes supports the Main Line Parent Community. Lead photograph by Kylene Cleaver for Leave it to Me Photography.



Nothing Bundt Cakes is located in Wynnewood, Wayne, Springfield, and Collegeville. Choose from up to 10 delicious Bundt flavors made from the finest ingredients and crowned with their signature cream cheese frosting. To elevate your occasion, select from more than 60 unique handcrafted cake designs themed around holidays and celebrations throughout the year. For that extra touch, they carry a variety of retail items to enhance your celebration.