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Lice Control Tips for Camp from The Center for Lice Control

The Center for Lice Control shares tips for a lice-free summer!

Ready for warm weather and for your kids to attend very much needed summer programs?! But whether your camper is going to day camp or overnight camp, lice control is important to avoid a lice outbreak for your family this summer. Here are a few simple tips from the Center for Lice Control for peace of mind lice control.

  • Combing head checks on all campers in your house two weeks before camp
  • Another combing head check within two days of the first day of camp
  • Putting hair up in a braid or bun to help keep hair to yourself
  • Do not share hairbrushes at home or at camp
  • If you do find lice, do a combing head check on any human living in your home
  • Day camp: Perform weekly combing head checks regardless if there’s a reported case
  • Overnight camp: Perform a combing head check the day your camper returns home
  • Center for Lice Control Salon and Products are always available for questions, head checks, treatments, and our DIY Pro Lice Treatment Kit (non-toxic and safe for any age) available in select local pharmacies. Call or text anytime (610) 324-5661.

Center for Lice Control

Finally, here’s a helpful video on How to Do a Combing Head Check on long or short hair. The CLC wishes you all a safe, healthy, and fun summer filled with new learned skills, adventures, and memories. Wishing you all a great summer 2021!

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Center for Lice Control is the industry leader in lice treatment and lice treatment products. We deliver a friendly, professional lice treatment experience that will put your mind at ease. All our technicians are trained, certified, and insured and we provide a 100% effective guarantee. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 610-557-1844 or visit www.centerforlicecontrol.com