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Raising a Green Thumb: How to Get Your Kids Gardening

Plant the seeds of enjoyment now.

Eager to start planting fruits, veggies, and flowers in your backyard? The early growing season is also the perfect time to start your kids gardening, from the planning to the planting. Here’s how.

First Things First

Talk to your kids about gardening. Do they know how we get fruits and veggies on our tables? How about the flowers we see starting to grow everywhere? Explain what gardeners and farmers do to ensure growth and ask your child if they would like to help you in your own garden.

Make a List

Take a walk around the neighborhood or your local hardware store. Which flowers do they like? Let them point to things and talk about where in your yard would be a great place for those plants to grow. Which fruits and veggies do they like to eat? Give those a try, too. If they don’t grow, this would be a good way to discuss the environment and what places, weather, months, or growing conditions work best for specific plants.

Easy Plants and Seeds

Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t grow properly. It happens, to even the best gardeners. But improve your chances of success by picking plants that are easy to grow, such as mint, wildflowers, sunflowers, peas, cherry tomatoes, and radishes. Picking up starter plants at the store, rather than trying your luck with seeds, can also up your odds of green gratification. 

Pick Your Supplies

Seeds and plants are of course necessary, but what about child-friendly gardening tools? Most hardware stores and places like Walmart or Target have a great selection of tools for small hands. Some of your child’s favorite television characters can be found on these tools as well. One of the best places to pick up child-sized gardening tools is the dollar store.

Get the Kids Involved Anyway

Don’t have a garden at home, or a way to create one? Here are some area child-friendly classes where your children can enjoy gardening outside of the house:

Tyler Arboretum has a demonstration garden as well as all kinds of classes for kids.

Camden Children’s Garden has frequent events that revolve around gardening and nature.

Bartram’s Garden offers family workshops and classes for children. Check out their calendar.

Visit Longwood Gardens for family and kid events.

Winterthur Gardens offers activities and events for children.

Photograph via Canva.