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Getting to Know Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School: Cyber Learning at its Best!

Online learning begins at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School!

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School is one of the top-ranked cyber-schools in the state and the nation! Is it any wonder PALCS is stirring up conversations in our community? We took some of the Main Line Parent Community’s questions to PALCS, and they replied with their expert answers. Want to know if cyber-school is right for your family? Here’s what this family-friendly online school has to say! 

Main Line Parent Community: How does online schooling work? Without face-to-face class time, I have a hard time imagining my child completing assignments. How does PALCS help students take responsibility for getting their work done? 

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School: Our principals and teachers work closely with PALCS families to overcome this exact issue. Online schooling is not an easy way out! Students will attend live classes virtually in real time. Some grades can watch recordings of lessons. Just as in a brick-and-mortar school, students are expected to be active learners at all grade levels and must complete assignments by due dates. 

In the case of students not completing their work, we’ll notify parents. We’ll talk openly with the student about the consequences of missed assignments. We may hold a parent-teacher conference to come up with a plan to complete the work. As a team of parents, students, principals, teachers and support staff, we will work together to find the best method possible to help your student succeed. 

MLPC: How does cyber-schooling compare to parent-led home-schooling? How much parental involvement would be required to keep my child on task?

PALCS:While your level of involvement as a parent naturally varies at each grade, teachers provide guidance to help keep students motivated and on track! Here’s what it looks like in more detail: 

·    At the Elementary School level, parent involvement is high. Parents help facilitate assignments and ensure their child is following their class schedule.  

·    At the Middle School level, we start encouraging independent work and teach time management skills. Students become accountable for class attendance and submitting their work.  

·    At the High School level, parent involvement decreases dramatically, especially in the upper grades, when students are accountable for attending class, submitting assignments in due time and communicating with their principal and teachers independently. Students are encouraged to make their own decisions about course selections and work closely with their guidance counselors. 

At all of our school levels, parents have their own log-in to view their students’ progress – assignments submitted or outstanding, attendance, and email correspondence between teacher and student. Parents also have an email and messaging account that is private between parent and teacher, which fosters open communication and the freedom to voice concerns. 

MLPC: If my child dedicates time to extra-curriculars like athletics or music, for example, how does your online program accommodate this? What if we take a family vacation during the school year? 

PALCS: One of the greatest advantages of online school is flexible scheduling. For example, our student body includes pre-professional athletes and elite dancers who train daily while also taking core and elective courses at PALCS. They simply work on their rosters with their guidance counselors and principals to address schedule conflicts. While assignment deadlines remain the same for everyone, many lessons, especially at middle and high school level, are recorded and viewable at a later time. Students may be able to work ahead to accommodate for vacations, athletic training, and other absences. 

MLPC: What category of school is Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School? Is it a private school? Is it for profit? 

PALCS:We are a public school! As with brick-and-mortar public schools, PALCS receives federal and state funding for each student. When a student enrolls with us, we notify that student’s home district, which redirects allotted funding for that student to us. PALCS also classifies as a register 403c non-profit organization. 

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Do you think cyber-school is right for your family? Don’t forget to consider PALCS clubs, groups, and activities available to your students at elementary, middle, and high school levels, like Student Government, Photography, Science Lab, Art Group, Debate, Student Newsletter, and so many more. 

In addition to student clubs, opportunities for field trips and travel help reinforce the academic curriculum, and to connect students in person to help foster the social development and fun kids need to grow. 

Parent resources are also in abundance. Along with teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and other staff to work with you, parents can connect with each other via the PALCS parent network to share tips, perspectives, and to arrange gatherings with other PALCS families in the area.

For students in the arts, investigate the Center for Performing Arts, offering an audition-based program with a multi-disciplinary arts education for grades 6 through 12. 

For accelerated learners, find the highly competitive University Scholars Program, including honors and AP classes. 

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The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS) is a state-approved public cyber school for students in kindergarten through 12th grade who reside in Pennsylvania. The PALCS community digitally connects students and parents to PA-certified teachers and innovative curriculum.