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Find Your Happy Place: Visit this Original, Pop-up Installation at King of Prussia Mall

Philly area, it's your chance to spend a Seussian afternoon or kaleidoscopic evening in your Happy Place!

On rainy days, kids used to stay indoors with puzzles, board games, a book, a good TV show. They’d make a batch of brownies, build a couch-cushion fort, or just run amok driving their parents crazy, but whatever the activity of choice, back in the day, most indoor play was home-based and predictable. If you ventured out, maybe you hit the roller rink or went to a movie. Now that we’re living in the era of selfie culture, Snapchat filters, and experiential recreation, predictable is old school and trends are what’s trending. So what’s the newest, latest buzz on indoor fun for kids of all ages?

The Philadelphia area is about to find out, with the October arrival of Happy Place, a mind-bending, colorful, larger-than-life and interactive 15,000 square foot pop-up installation in the King of Prussia Mall. Following sold-out runs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and Boston, Live Nation Philadelphia is bringing this immersive, multi-sensory experience to the former JC Penney store, transforming it into “the most Instagrammable pop-up in America” (Urban Daddy). Now extended through February 29th!

On the heels of the September opening of Philly-based Candytopia, Happy Place brings a similar Willy Wonka sensibility to the dozen or so imaginative rooms, explorable spaces, and playful “moments” that comprise this exhibit. Picture it: oversized mirrored X’s and O’s,  the World’s Largest Indoor Confetti Dome, and a Giant Rainbow ending in a jumpable Pot of Happiness. In the Cookie Room, (what could possibly be better than a thing called a “cookie room?”), you’re surrounded by gigantic cookies and cookie images while engulfed in the aroma of fresh-baked chocolate chips. Visit the Super Bloom Room to immerse your senses in 40,000 handmade golden flowers. And if you ever wanted to chill with a life-sized unicorn? Cornelius the Unicorn can help you fulfill that fantasy. 

Since the inception of Happy Place, founded by artist manager and producer Jared Paul, according to his mission to raise his children surrounded by positivity and joy, more than half a million people have “found their happy” within its kooky, photo-worthy walls. Awash in original art and immersive whimsy, this traveling installation is a once-in-lifetime experience for all ages, and welcomes group events from birthday parties to date nights to bachelorette parties. Happy Place, and appropriately so, has hosted many marriage proposals. In such a magical, Alice-in-Wonderlandish setting, how could he or she not say yes? 

The Philadelphia version of Happy Place will include some Philly-only features and art unique to our city’s exhibit. Happy Place at King of Prussia Mall will also bring a chance to give to one of our area’s most active and beloved charities with a lemonade stand, net proceeds going to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. To date, Happy Place has donated over $100,000 to local chapters. 

If you ever wanted to be Charlie and get the chance to explore the chocolate factory in real/unreal time? This King of Prussia Mall exhibit is just the golden ticket. Dates, times and ticket information have been announced and Main Line Parent readers can use code BEHAPPY for 20% off on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday Adult & Kid GA (online with Coupon Code)! Learn more general information and get availability on private bookings! Happy Place is produced by Faculty Productions in partnership with Live Nation Philadelphia. 

Photography provided by Happy Place.

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