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Kimberly Barr Interior Design: Decor That Reflects Your Personality, and Your Lifestyle

You can have it all: a home that's beautiful and kid-friendly.

Kimberly Barr Interior Design

Kimberly Barr has always paid attention to her surroundings, with an eye toward the elements of design. At an early age, she loved spending time in her grandparents’ Cape May antique shop, soaking in her grandmother’s sense of style and observing her grandfather’s collections and artwork.
“I was surrounded by all the essentials that would lead me into the world of interior design,” she said. “I was always creative as a child.”
Barr believes your home is a personal sanctuary, and that it’s important to connect with an interior environment that reflects your personality and style, whether it’s a Main Line estate or an urban studio.
She has a particular passion for furniture, colors, and textiles.
“The juxtaposition between shapes, textures, and light creates amazing possibilities to mold the character of a room,” Barr said.

Barr earned a degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and jumped into the industry immediately after graduation.
She honed her technical skills in commercial design, then moved into residential design to fulfill her creative passion for connecting people with their life spaces.
After marriage, children, and a stint as a stay-at-home-mom, Barr founded Kimberly Barr Interior Design as the creative outlet for her cumulative knowledge and experience. Her services include everything from initial client consultations to developing concept design boards, shopping with clients, and managing renovations from start to finish.
From sophisticated formal areas to funky relaxing spaces, Barr has a flair for finding creative solutions, especially for families with children.
Her mantra: “You can still have nice things when you have children, you just have to pick your furniture and decor carefully. There are many fabrics and finishes out there that are durable enough to handle couch jumping and juice box spills. From personal experience, I know how to create stylish space that also accommodates kids.”
She can handle another challenging element of the creative process: indecisiveness. Barr’s best advice for clients who feel overwhelmed with large projects is to just focus one room at a time.
“I am a professional decision maker. I want my clients to have fun, enjoy the process, and be gratified with the results, ” Barr said. “I’m really good at listening to my clients. I don’t ever want to force my style, or another style on them. I want to design homes that represent my clients’ style.”
Photographs by Leave It to Me Photography.

Want to refresh a room — or tackle your whole house? Call Barr at 267-250-2376 or visit her website for more information.

Kimberly Barr is a multi-award winning Interior Designer who works on the Main Line and the surrounding counties. Kimberly has signature style of balancing color, patterns, vintage, antique, and modern decor to give each home a special touch of life.