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Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia

The Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia is a proud local agency with over a decade of experience building families.  They believe that family is personal, and clients deserve the best process they can offer: in-person support,


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Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia

Surrogacy Logo The Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia serves couples and individuals from the Greater Philadelphia area and all over the world.  Its Philadelphia-based staff are former surrogates, medical and business professionals.  They are present at appointments, know resources that are available locally, and love providing plenty of face-to-face interaction. The agency has formed many lifelong bonds with their surrogates and intended parents - attending baby showers, births, first birthdays and more.

Client Testimonials: 

"My partner and I had a great experience with this agency.  Andrea and her team know what they are doing.  They also helped us secure a grant to help with our IVF costs.  Their fees are really affordable and someone was always able to answer our questions quickly." - Anthony S.

"This agency has the kindest people who go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need from knowledge to a listening ear. I am a 2x surrogate and my interaction with this agency has been amazing. They truly care for their surrogates and their intended parents." - Jessica S.


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Whether you are an entrepreneur opening a new business or a legacy organization that would like to be more connected with families around the Main Line and Philly’s suburbs, we welcome you to join our Business Membership program at mainlineparent.com/join/business.

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