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Surrogates are the best option for creating your family when Gestational fertility issues arise. Let Surro Connections connect you to the right one.


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Surro Connections

Surro Connection

Surro Connections, established in 2010, is owned and operated by Megan Hall, who is the mother of 3 beautiful children, 1 born through IVF, and has been a Gestational Surrogate for three other families as well. Her education and career experience of an MBA in both Business Administration and Accounting were not nearly as fulfilling as the work she does today with each family working with Surro Connections. She has also met all qualifications to be a Mediator within the State of Oregon. She is her clients’ biggest advocate!

The Surro Connections team is made up of experienced Surrogates and an Intended Parent who have walked the journey of creating a miracle to help grow a family. The entire team works hand-in-hand with psychologists, attorneys, fertility clinics and third-party professionals to be actively involved with our Intended Parents and Surrogates with the personal one-on-one care they each deserve during their journey.

Surro Connections is unlike most surrogacy agencies. They want to know you personally and provide you with the ongoing attention you need as you go through this life-changing journey. They will take every step with you, starting with our sophisticated matching process, which ensures that Intended Parents are comfortable with the surrogate before moving forward. Our programs are tailored to fit your needs as an individual or couple, regardless of sexual orientation, family type or country of residence.


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Whether you are an entrepreneur opening a new business or a legacy organization that would like to be more connected with families around the Main Line and Philly’s suburbs, we welcome you to join our Business Membership program at mainlineparent.com/join/business.

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