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Roots With Ruark brings you and your little one a music class full of energy and excitement with that one on one connection that is so vital for the 0-5 age group.


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Roots With Ruark

Roots with Ruark LogoRoots With Ruark brings you and your little one a music class, party or special event full of energy and excitement. Having lead over 5,000 classes and performing at over 1,000 parties and events, Ruark's musical repertoire and experience are second to none. You and your little one will rock out with egg shakers, dance with scarves and streamers and play with little instruments all while listening to an exciting mix of original music, kids classics and all of your favorite rock/pop tunes, from classic rock to top 40 hits of today. Each session ends with parachute and bubble time and some one on one contact with the guitar where your baby or toddler can strum, tap on and explore the instrument. Try a class or book a party with Ruark and show your little one what it's like to fall in love with music. 


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