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REACH Tutors | Best Tutoring – 2021 LOVE Awards

At a time of extraordinary uncertainty in K-12 education, REACH tutors provide peace of mind for parents/guardians.


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REACH Tutors

REACH Tutors | Best Tutoring – 2021 LOVE Awards

REACH Tutors

At a time of extraordinary uncertainty in K-12 education, REACH tutors provide peace of mind for parents/guardians. No matter what school might look like for your child, REACH tutors are there to fill in the gaps and deliver personalized attention, support and care -- on your schedule. Their tutors are talented high school, college, and grad students that have completed our comprehensive training program. They love working with kids and they’re serious about delivering meaningful learning experiences to your child. REACH offers holistic, multi-skill experiences. All REACH tutors have specialty areas that extend beyond academics into athletics and the arts. Guided by their tutors, your child can learn a sport, practice an instrument or create an art project in addition to subject-area learning. The magic of REACH is in the relationship between tutor and child. Much like a coach, camp counselor, or even an older sibling, their tutors are mentors and role models. It’s a nurturing, trusted relationship that’s built to last.

2021 Main Line Parent LOVE Award Winner: Best Tutoring

Family Focus Media has been building community with Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family since 2010 and our annual LOVE Awards celebrate the BEST local resources for families, thanks to thousands of nominations like this one:

"REACH Tutors have truly been my life line since moving here and August and navigating virtual, hybrid and just general school in a new area. I started using them as I wanted a tutor for both of my girls (6th grade and 2nd grade) as I was concerned not being in person would be tough on their learning. Their tutors have been amazing and kept my girls on point and focused on tough subjects like math.

When our pod closed down due to not enough students I found myself needing help during the day as a full time working mother. They have provided us with safe, responsible and wonderful babysitters to help with with my kids during the day and keep them on task on their online days so that I can continue to do my full time job. It has truly helped our family tremendously during COVID as the girls feel like they have help all during the day and they aren't interrupting anyone.

Beyond COVID I will continue to use them for tutoring as my kids actually look forward to their tutoring sessions!" - Amanda B.

"I found it challenging to navigate my way through the various tutoring options. After speaking with Meg Young I knew that REACH tutors was the right choice for my seven-year-old son. She immediately put me at ease and was able to understand exactly what we were looking for in a tutor. We were paired with Charlie who was the perfect fit! My son embraced the idea of tutoring (even after a long day of school) because Charlie was relatable and had the skills necessary to help motivate my son. He looks forward to meeting with Charlie weekly and considers him a friend. REACH is extremely flexible, a team of great communicators and price conscious." -Kristin S. (Haverford, PA)

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