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PLAY.ISH: Onsite Event Childcare

PLAY.ISH LLC: Onsite Event Childcare is a full service, special events childcare provider! 


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PLAY.ISH: The baby/toddler learning service

PLAY.ISH: Onsite Event Childcare

“NOW EVERYONE IS INVITED!” PLAY.ISH LLC: Onsite Event Childcare is a full service, special events childcare provider! 

If you’re an adult hosting a special event unsure if you  should invite children, or on the fence about which guest you can accommodate with children, no need to worry any longer!

Our Onsite Event Childcare Service offers you, your guest and children a unique experience, equipped with age appropriate children’s activities, secure registration for parents to check children in and out, professional staff who are screened and vetted, caring, and who understand  the importance of your special event needs. 


We help our families to create memorable moments the WHOLE family can enjoy! 

Our services help to: 

  • Boost your RSVP list
  • Allow parent guest a break to enjoy the festivities
  • Offer children safe, guided, entertaining activities
  • Not to mention, interruption free speeches 

Community Love

"The staff cooperated with the venue staff. The staff was warm and welcoming to our guests and children. They had fun activities set up and the children wanted to go back." - Maureen P.

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