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Pinemere Camp is a Jewish overnight camp located in the Poconos Mountains, offering 3/4/7 week sessions.


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Pinemere Camp

Pinemere Camp is a dynamic community made up of campers who enjoy a rustic setting with innovative programs, and a fun & welcoming environment. Our goal is to assist your camper in building friendships, in fostering their Jewish identity, in acquiring new skills, and have the best summer just being kids!

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"As camp counselors, we have the unique job of bringing joy into the lives of others, making our campers’ summers brighter, more exciting, and eternally memorable. As a counselor, this job manifests itself in many different ways throughout the day, but the end result is all the same: creating the best summer, every summer, for Pinemere campers."
- Eli K.


One Happy Camper Grants for First-Time campers to Jewish overnight camp up to $1,000.

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Bartonsville Woods Road, Jackson Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, 18360, United States
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    Pinemere has been one of the most positive influences in my children’s lives. The kind and friendly atmosphere was a life changing experience for my youngest son. Until that first summer at Pinemere, my son had few friends and had little interest (or ability) to make new ones. He developed social skills during that 3 week period that carried into his school year and beyond. He now has lots of friends calling for him, has been invited to several parties, and his computer buddy list is full! Pinemere has also been greatly influential for my older son. Pinemere has capitalized on his strengths by bringing out kindness and leadership in his personality. I always see significant maturation in my son at the end of the summer. While both my kids have great friends at home, there is uniqueness in the kind of bonds that have developed with their Pinemere friends. I wish everybody could be so blessed with such deep and sincere friendships. Our family certainly feels blessed to have Pinemere in our lives.

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