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Just Between Friends

Kids grow fast! At Just Between Friends, we believe that parents should be able to clothe and entertain their children without breaking the bank.


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Just Between Friends

Kids grow fast! Just Between Friends believes that parents should be able to clothe and entertain their children without breaking the bank. Through a seasonal marketplace, local families are able to buy and sell everything their kiddos need (and want) for their next stage of life. Prices are on average, 50-90% less than retail. And, when you sell with them, it's like having a $0 clothing budget! Sell what your kids longer need and use the proceeds to buy the next size up...now that's SMART!

Upcoming events:

  • March 16-19, 2023

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1 review
  • Amanda S, Sadsburyville PA

    I like being able to sell my children’s things that they have outgrown because I make some money. I like shopping the sale because I get a deal on some nice items for my kids. I especially like the idea of donating the things I don’t sell to take care of some kids who are in need.

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