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Hive & Thrive helps people learn better listening and communication skills to create belonging and trust.


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Hive & Thrive

Hive & Thrive helps people learn better listening and communication skills to create belonging and trust. They teach others- schools, businesses, and parents- how to build high quality connections in their relationships. They use the tenets of positive psychology, Eastern philosophy, and coaching to help people to become the best version of themselves. With mental health issues what they are, everyone needs to learn how to take a step back and breathe.





How to Incorporate Positive Psychology into the Classroom

 June 27-July 1  8:30am – 11:30am

$500 per educator or administrator

Sign up by emailing your interest to info@hive-thrive.com

As you have probably seen, so many teachers are leaving the profession, partly as a result of the challenges of the past two years. So many of those challenges cannot be changed by teachers- they are systemic; however, there is a lot we can change. This training will be a way into understanding what positive psychology is, as well as how to incorporate it into our own lives first, and then how to bring it into the classroom. We do have a lot that we can control, and this training will emphasize ideas like “post-traumatic growth” to work toward changing our mindset and finding a path forward.

Group Coaching
Get a group of friends together, and hire us to take you through a group coaching experience! One hour. It is amazing what you can accomplish, and how you can move forward with your goals in just an hour! $30 pp

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