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Hire This Mom

Founded by a Fortune 500 executive and proud local mom, Hire This Mom offers career coaching and resume writing services tailored for moms.


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Hire This Mom

Founded by a Fortune 500 executive and proud local mom, Hire This Mom offers career coaching and resume writing services tailored for moms. After breaking out of a dead end career and into Big 4 consulting, and from there to the Fortune 500, no one knows more about job searching and the importance of maintaining a good work life balance. If you want a better job, but don't want to waste hours applying online, you should contact Hire This Mom.


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6 reviews
  • Gabrielle C.

    Before working with Kateri and Rebecca, I felt like every application I submitted went into a black hole. I was barely getting interviews at the level that I was looking for. The resume process helped me articulate my capabilities and position myself for those more senior roles. The coaching and job search process propelled me into action and helped me clarify what I was looking for. I had several interviews in a short period of time, learned something from every interview, and became more confident along the way — particularly when it came to discussing salary and negotiating an offer. Within 2 months, I accepted a director-level position with a 60% increase in salary. Working with this team completely changed my perspective on what I can achieve in my career.

  • Kathleen R

    When I decided to change careers after 20 years with the same company, I was overwhelmed by the number of choices I had in front of me. I also felt limited to only apply for jobs that I thought would be seeking my unique skill-set. Kateri and Rebecca helped me get clear about a few types of roles that were the most interesting to me – some of which were a surprise! Once I had clarity on which types of roles matched my skills with my passion, Kateri created a solid resume that highlighted my relevant skills. Multiple recruiters and hiring managers complimented me on the quality of my resume.

    A new job search can be daunting, but I knew I had a partner working with me through the whole process. Rebecca both made me feel comfortable every step of the way, and also pushed me out of my comfort zone to give me the broadest reach, and the best chance of finding my ideal job. She did not let me sell myself short.

    I scheduled 10 interviews within a week of starting the application process, and I received two offers (on the same day!) within 30 days.

    Kateri and Rebecca walked me through each step of the process so I knew how to prepare, what to expect, and what to say in certain situations. I felt confident walking into each round of interviews. When I received an offer, I was nervous about the negotiation process, but they coached me through the process with care and ease, and I was able to negotiate a higher salary than my initial target range.

    After working with Kateri and Rebecca, I have a new appreciation for my own value in the marketplace, which I have carried with me as I onboard with my new company.

  • TD

    I had an amazing experience working with these coaches. The corporate job search is a total black box, especially when you are looking for a senior role. I didn’t know what I wanted, how to get it, or where to start. I was lost, and I was stuck. This process got me clear on my vision, interviews right away, and ultimately a job I love with a 30% increase in comp, within weeks of our first conversation. I’ve worked with resume writers and other coaches for years, and nobody out there can navigate every step of the journey like these coaches can.

  • Amy Smith

    After not being in the job market for over 6 years, I was overwhelmed and underprepared for what to do, who to talk to and how to approach my job search. Prior to engaging Hire This Mom, I wasted so much time aimlessly scrolling LinkedIn and applying for jobs as of one of hundreds of applicants. However, all that changed after meeting with Hire This Mom. After our first meeting, I immediately knew I had two rockstar coaches in my corner.

    Kateri applied a strategic approach to my job search from helping me to identify target roles, to giving my resume the beautiful facelift it deserved, to teaching me how to network and what to say, to helping me uncover the hidden job market. I went from competing against hundreds of applicants, to meeting with hiring managers before jobs were even posted!

    Additionally, Rebecca’s experience in the talent acquisition space was invaluable in knowing what to say to recruiters, how to market my personal brand and how to navigate the ins and outs of complex interview questions, assignments and scenarios.

    Rebecca and Kateri’s expertise, guidance and support helped me land my dream job with a salary I deserve, at a company I love. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  • Rebecca T.

    Working with Kateri was truly a game-changer for my job-hunting experience. In this competitive environment, I knew I needed to really stand out. However, after sending literally hundreds of resumes out, I had only heard back from a couple small companies. I had not received a single interview with a large company. I spent two sessions with Kateri, and not only did she coach me and help me pivot from a volume mode to a quality mode, but she aggressively reworked my resume with me. She gave me the framework and skills to be able to confidently approach applying to large company roles. Within two days of submitting my FIRST resume with Kateri’s guidance, I secured an interview with a senior role in a Fortune 500 company. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was to work with.

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