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Gathered Birth is a childbirth education and parenting support in Media, PA, that nurtures and empowers women, families, & the community.


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Gathered Birth

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Gathered Birth is a Motherhood Wellness Center in downtown Media, PA. They facilitate gathering together as mothers, parents, and a community, to care for and empower each other as we grow as parents. Gathered Birth offers a wide range of support services and classes to help you gather the knowledge, tools, and confidence to approach your birth and parenthood with peace and joy.


Gathered Birth nurtures and empowers women, families, and the community through holistic, evidence-based education and support in a warm, accepting environment.


2020 Family Favorite Women's Care


Family FavoriteMain Line Parent Community member Suzanne K. shared: “Amazing classes and community support - like an extension of home. From prenatal yoga to birth classes to postpartum and newborn support, this community birth gathering spot is a beautiful example of why and how it takes a village to raise our families and support our mamas.”

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