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Cohen Math Prep

Cohen Math Prep is the culmination of Rob Cohen’s time as a certified teacher in New York City from 2006 to 2014 – teaching, tutoring, and learning about the various facets of the educational ecosystem in our nation’s largest school district. Wanting to have more of a direct influence over the learning of individual students, Rob began working as a math tutor, building up a client base from word-of-mouth and through connections to schools and parent networks.



By 2014, the demand for lessons exceeded what Rob could meet on his own, and he used the opportunity to assemble a team of highly trained tutors that reflected his abilities, work ethic, and – most importantly – attitude towards teaching and learning. Cohen Math Prep offers tutoring for all major academic subjects and standardized tests.



Since its inception, Cohen Math Prep has expanded its operation beyond NYC and evolved into a premier remote tutoring network, boasting tutors and clients literally around the world with a headquarters in Media, PA.



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