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An independent school in Abington with a history of successfully serving students with learning disabilities in grades 1-8 since 1989.


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Center School

Center School is an independent school with a history of successfully serving students with learning disabilities in grades 1-8 since 1989. Center School's mission is to provide children who learn differently with a personalized education to realize their potential and reshape how they view themselves and their future.

Center School's philosophy is based on the belief that every student is capable of academic, social, and emotional growth. Center School is dedicated to designing instructional programs that foster each child's optimal development through small group instruction.

All students at Center School are provided with the individualized instruction necessary to address their challenges. Center School provides a flexible, student-centered, and standards-based curriculum. Highly qualified faculty provide students with the strategies and tools they need to address their learning challenges, take risks, and be successful in a purposefully small and nurturing environment.

Center School educates students who have language-based learning differences that include:
• Dyslexia
• Dysgraphia
• Dyscalculia
• Executive Function Disorder
• Visual and Auditory Processing Disorder

Learning disabilities are addressed and supported through specialized programs in academic and social-emotional areas. A multi-modal approach is used throughout the day in all subjects. Center School students achieve success because their challenges are appropriately addressed, and their strengths are cultivated and celebrated. This results in increased achievement and a sense of pride and self-worth.


Schedule your personalized tour today by calling 215.657.2200 or email tgetz@centerschoolpa.org. Space is limited in certain grades. Early enrollment is encouraged.


Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday, Center School hosts Touring Tuesday for prospective families to visit their 14-acre campus and learn more about how Center School supports children with learning differences.

November 6th - Center School is hosting a Designer Bag Bingo event. Tickets can be purchased here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/designer-bag-bingo-tickets-164838583641

Additional events are posted on their website - www.centerschoolpa.org

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