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Balia Referral Agency, LLC.

Balia Referral Agency LLC. finds nannies to fit each family and their lifestyle. Balia Referral Agency nannies are more than help; they're family.


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Balia Referral Agency, LLC.

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Nannies that fit your family and lifestyle “

Balia Nanny Referral Agency is a small Agency that takes pride and is very involved in every placement that is made. Their placements go beyond just looking at a resume they make sure that there is a connection between each family and nanny as well. They believe that a nanny is more than a resume and when interviewed are ask things such as “ what are your hobbies and interests”. This allows the families to know each nanny a little but more beyond just experience, so that is the right fit. They really strive to provide the best services to each family. This includes individual pricing quotes and weekly email check-ins during the process. Balia Nanny Referral Agency strives to be a relatable small business with clients who trust and believe in their process to find them the right nanny.

The Balia Family and Mission

Balia derives from the Italian word Nanny. From an Italian family based out of Naples, Italy, the owners thought this would be the perfect name for their company. They believe it's essential to teach children and build connections with each family. Balia Referral Agency LLC cares about each placement that is made. And owners personalize each match to make long-lasting connections.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur opening a new business or a legacy organization that would like to be more connected with families around the Main Line and Philly’s suburbs, we welcome you to join our Business Membership program at mainlineparent.com/join/business.

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