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Annie Whittington Photography is the award-winning Main Line Photographer who transforms your memories into stunning art for your home.


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Annie Whittington Photography

AnnieWhittingtonPhotography150MainLineParent_49142512_AWPhotographyTimelessAuthenticJoyful LogoAnnie Whittington Photography is the award-winning Main Line Photographer who transforms your memories into stunning art for your home. Named 2019's "Best Photographer" by Main Line Parent Magazine with artistic vision and the fine art printing, the goal at Annie Whittington Photography is to celebrate and showcase the cherished memories of family life.

Annie's photography is her art. Within her logo, you'll find calligraphy of three words that sum up her artistic vision: "Timeless. Authentic. Joyful." The photographer explains, "I use these three words to direct my work: 'Timeless' because I imagine my art being passed down through family generations. 'Authentic' because I capture the genuine spirit and love between families, and 'Joyful' because my goal is to display the joy of the family in their homes with my artwork. I truly believe that strong families can change the world, and that joy within the family makes it strong. I suppose you could call that my mission statement."

Through this vision, she provides meaningful family heirlooms that showcase the family bond and preserve that legacy as inspiration for generations. Hand-crafted albums from Italy, vivid canvases, and stunning prints are a few of the ways Annie transforms your memories into complete artwork. Her photography is not just beautiful, it's crafted to stand the test of time and meant to be passed down to the next generation. No doubt the memories captured by the camera and artistry of Annie Whittington, are not intended to become "digital dust" on a hard drive, but rather a joy for family and loved ones by being showcased as beautiful art. Contact the Main Line's Top Photographer today at www.anniewhittington.com.

2020 Family Favorite Photography Studio

Family FavoriteMain Line Parent Community member, Kathy G. shared: “Annie Whittington took great care taking photos that provide lasting memories for our family. The suggested location in Tyler Arboretum gave us many places for beautiful photos, and gave the kids fields to run in between poses. Annie takes care to get the kids early in the shoot while they are fresh and not tired. Her editing results in beautiful photos that we will always cherish. Annie is talented, patient, creative and fun to work with!”

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