ABOUT Tobey Law Offices, LLC

I, Laura M. Tobey, am the owner of Tobey Law Offices, LLC. My boutique practice focuses on estate planning, estate administration, and elder law issues. I offer meeting flexibility at reasonable, flat fees.

In addition to the drafting of Last Will and Testaments, Power of Attorneys, Trusts and Advanced Directives, I also assist clients with the administration of estates, from the gathering of information relating to the assets and liabilities, to the payment of requisite Pennsylvania and Federal Inheritance Taxes, preparation of tax returns and distribution to the heirs and beneficiaries.

I also serve as Of Counsel to Miles & Parker, LLP, managing the estate planning and administration practice.

    Please visit our website for more information.
    (215) 859-2551
    175 Strafford Avenue, Suite One, Pennsylvania 19087
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Endorsements (91)

  • Bob Member Since Mar 2015
    Laura is very helpful. THANK YOU!
  • Chris Member Since Mar 2015
    Laura always knows the best for my family
  • Suzie Member Since Mar 2015
    Super helpful and always willing to provide the best service
  • Nick Member Since Mar 2015
    Very professional service
  • norene Member Since Mar 2015
    Educated and Professional
  • Chastity Member Since Mar 2015
    Wow, amazing to work with
  • Donica Member Since Mar 2015
    Great experience
  • Gloriana Member Since Mar 2015
    Quick turn around time.
  • Friedrick Member Since Mar 2015
    Thank you Laura for taking the time to comfort our family during out difficult time.
  • Weber Member Since Mar 2015
    Nice to work with you last year. Happy New Year

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