ABOUT MultipliCity – Delaware Valley Families of Multiples Club

We’re a group of families of all types who are raising twins, triplets, and higher order multiples in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania. We meet mainly in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. As a local chapter of Multiples of America, a national organization, we work to support each other and have fun, while also working with local charities to help others where we can.

This club is a respectful environment for sharing, supporting, and celebrating our families of multiples. We’re open to all parents and family members responsible for rearing twins, triplets, quads, and any higher order multiples. We also allow “supporter” members who help your family.

    Please visit our website for more information.
    (484) 494-1024
    Delaware Valley, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania 19078
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Endorsements (2)

  • Multiplicity Member Since Oct 2015
    MultipliCity is a wonderful supporting club for families of multiples. I have made many friends and my twins love all the activities and events held throughout the year. If you are looking for a great support group this is the one to join.
  • Colleen Member Since Sep 2016
    As a twim mom who is not originally from the Philadephia area, I am glad to have MultpliCity. Between the online and social media resources, coupled with in-person meeting and events, I always have an opportunity to have my questions answered or to just vent with other parents who really "get it." I appreciate that the club is supportive of the entire family - it gives my husband a chance to meet and socialize with other twin dads too!

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