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Jennifer Schindele is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Jennifer’s mission is to help parents give the gift of sleep to both their children and in turn, themselves. Her mission is executed by personalizing a step-by-step program to gently help teach the child to independently fall asleep, and stay asleep, the whole night through (and nap peacefully during the day). Jennifer’s gentle approach offers parents choices to help ease anxiety while also educates them on the importance of sleep. Not only does she give you the tools to solve your current sleep challenges, but also guides you on your journey offering support and reassurance. As a once sleep deprived new parent, Jennifer knows how exhausted a sleep deprived parent can feel and what a life changing experience feeling fully rested can be. If you are tired of being tired and ready to make a positive and healthy change for your little one and your family, contact Jennifer today to schedule a complimentary sleep assessment.

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    232 Village Green Lane, Telford, Pennsylvania 18969
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Endorsements (7)

  • Brittiney Member Since Feb 2015
    Jen is one of the resources I give my Infant Massage Mom's when they are looking for help with sleep and they have never been disappointed. Thank you Jen for taking good care of our moms!
  • Kelly Member Since Jan 2015
    Jen is my go to resources for sleepy moms! Her kind, patient but no nonsense approach has been extremely effective at delivering a good night sleep for both my clients and their babies.
  • Cheryl Member Since Mar 2015
    Jennifer worked with my daughter and son-in-law to help my granddaughter learn to sleep better at night and take longer naps during the day that didn't include me holding her in my arms. Jennifer truly is a family saver! She worked with all of us who cared for my granddaughter to help her learn how to sleep well. The transformation in that baby girl was incredible once she learned how to be a good sleeper. Now, naps are a breeze and bedtime is a calm and wonderful experience. I highly recommend Jennifer to any family who is struggling and exhausted. Her kind and caring personality truly did set the tone for our entire experience. Thank you Jennifer!
  • Nazanin Member Since Mar 2015
    Jennifer is an excellent resource for sleep deprived families. She is a life saver!!! She is so patient and caring. She creates a plan that is best for your baby and family. I highly recommend Jennifer to any family trying to sleep train their child and get them on a schedule. She is amazing!
  • Julie Member Since Mar 2015
    Jennifer is the best! My son at 21 months was waking up every 1-2 hours. Within a few days, he was sleeping through the night. We are now 3 months later, he goes to bed in his crib without a problem and sleeps for 11 hours straight. Naps are 2 hours at minimum. I highly recommend her for anyone with children who do not sleep well!!
  • Pauline Member Since Jan 2015
    Jennifer is the "baby whisperer" all new parents need. She is a godsend!
  • Tina Louise Member Since Jan 2015
    Jennifer is so enthusiastic and eager to help families get the sleep they need and deserve! She is a true professional and a great resource for those sleepless nights!

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