ABOUT Family Strength Coaching

Family Strength Coaching helps parents address family issues such as problems with routines and transitions (morning and night), parent – child power struggles, parental anger, finding effective discipline, homework challenges, chores, and other challenging child behaviors. Family Strength Coaching assists the parents in creating their own insight, motivation and action steps that will move the family forward toward the desired goals. Family Strength Coaching helps you discover what kind or parent you want to be and re-discover how much you already know. Family Strength Coaching unlocks a parents’ potential to maximize their relationships with their partner and their children. Family Strength Coaching supports parents as they put into practice these plans. Because children and families can be complex. Family Strength Coaching helps the parents problem-solve as challenges arise. The focus of parent coaching is to take a hard look at what a fulfilling family really looks like, and then identifying specific plans, action steps, and ways of thinking that will move you toward achieving your desired goals. Regain the joys of parenting with Family Strength Coaching!

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    19 Forsythia Court, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 19444
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Endorsements (50)

  • Lena Member Since Mar 2015
    Amy will listen to you and help you see your family situation in a new light. She is warm and understanding.
  • megan Member Since Mar 2015
    My boys can't wait to see Miss Amy every Thursday! She is a positive influence on our lives!!!
  • jorge Member Since Mar 2015
    I have known Amy for many many years and she is a perfect resources for all families.
  • Andy Member Since Mar 2015
    My wife and I wished we had a parenting handbook when we hit the toddler years. Our handbook came in the form of Amy! She helped us so much in a time that we had no idea how to set up structure for our twins.
  • Jennie Member Since Mar 2015
    Every family should have the services of Family Strength Coaching!!!
  • Arnold Member Since Mar 2015
    Amy has been very helpful for our family. She is exceptional in communicating with us.
  • Leslie Member Since Mar 2015
    im a single mom and I have turned to Amy for various hints and stratigies in raising my daughter
  • Dave Member Since Mar 2015
    Family strength coaching provides the tools to improve my family. Thanks Amy, you're the best!
  • Leslie Member Since Mar 2015
    I would strongly recommend family strength coaching to any family
  • Leslie Member Since Mar 2015
    I strongly recommend family strength coaching to any family!

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