Choosing a preschool, camp or childcare option for your child involves more than just collecting facts and figures. The Main Line Early Childhood Education Fair is designed for you to meet with program representatives one-on-one with an efficient afternoon of your time.

Arrive prepared.

Below are questions we suggest you consider.

1. What makes the program unique? What is the organization’s philosophy for my child’s age group?
2. What facilities and equipment does the organization offer?
3. How does the organization encourage involvement amongst parents, instructors and students?
4. Ask for an outline of their calendar. How long is the program?
5. What is the average class size?
6. What is the admission process for my child? When and how do I apply? Does the school have specific intake years? Is there a waiting list?
7. How much is tuition and what other costs might I incur (e.g. uniform, books, equipment)?
8. What are my payment options?

Do you have a specific question?

We invite you to join our Main Line Early Childhood Education Fair Facebook Fan Page. Chat with our network of exhibiting organizations, other parents and students, or send us your questions and we’ll track down answers for you. Narrow down your options and plan your day.