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The Main Line Parent Education Guide | Fall 2019

The Main Line Parent Community knows best! This year we took our Education Guide to the next level by inviting our members and readers to share their success stories of finding the right fit. We are proud to present the results of our School Gratitude Survey (read 45 submissions in our Parent-to-Parent School Directory) and to celebrate the unsung heroes in our community with our A+ Educator Awards (profiles coming soon).


Our Main Line Parent team spent the summer interviewing local families and educators around the Main Line to give you a personal look at the best private and independent schools. The School Partners profiled below support the Main Line Parent Community and our team.


Scroll and click through this guide to learn about these amazing Delaware Valley independent schools. We’re pretty sure by the time you reach the end you’ll have some great contenders for your student in mind. We also encourage you to visit these schools for an open house, there’s nothing quite like a personal tour to get to know a school’s community when you’re searching for the right fit.

Help the Main Line Parent team recognize and celebrate the best educators in our area.

Share gratitude for your school! Take our Main Line Parent School Gratitude Survey and share your wisdom with other local parents.

First Grade Teacher, Coopertown Elementary School

“If you’re passionate about something, they’ll do everything you can to help that passion grow. That’s what makes AIM so special.”

Friends’ Central School has been the perfect fit for the Goldblums, giving six-year-old Owen “the best of the city and the best of the suburbs.”

DC was a perfect fit—academically, spiritually, and socially.

Within this play-based institution, the motto “Learning to Play. Playing to Learn,” is not merely a motto.

When Kim and Kahiem Amenra’s son Jordan was in elementary school, they noticed a serious problem with his education: well before the age of eight, he was already bored.

The Lower School at Sacred Heart Academy in Bryn Mawr prides itself on its unique focus on academics, social-emotional development, and spirituality for girls from kindergarten through fourth grade.

“Kids learn best when there is joy in their everyday experience."

Every Fusion student gets to write their own story, and be their own kind of remarkable.

Established through the generosity of the Clare Foundation, the goal of the specialized series is to expose students and faculty to dynamic, innovative, and creative thought leaders.

Using the power of the internet and innovation to overcome traditional boundaries of time and space, PA Cyber makes it possible to personalize the learning experience, connecting students and families with skilled and caring teachers anytime, from anyplace.

With three young children, find out why this local family chose The Wetherill School for all of them.

“No one is trying to change the uniqueness of a child. We allow them to develop to their best.”

Online learning begins at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School!

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