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2018 Main Line Parent All Kinds of Kids Guide

Every child is special, but for certain students, their education and enrichment activities need to be, as well. If your child has a learning difference, is gifted, or has another special need that you want to have addressed, scroll and click through this guide to learn about some local resources for All Kinds of Kids around the Main Line and Philadelphia.


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Sarah Bond, Founder & CEO

Looking for a referral from a local parent with first-hand experience? Ask our Main Line Parent Community group on Facebook for suggestions (we have over 26K members!) We also recommend the Main Line Special Needs Parents group on Facebook for “support, referrals and assistance, questions, camaraderie, or just a good rant!”


We also recommend visiting A Day in our Shoes, a fantastic blog created by Lisa Lightner, a Philadelphia Mom. Lisa shares information and resources so that parents can make more informed decisions regarding their child with disabilities and their IEP. A Day in Our Shoes also has a Facebook group for special needs parents to connect for IEP advice, special needs parenting tips.

Peanut Allergies in Children

Do you know what to look for when it comes to identifying nut allergies? Get advice from top specialists on peanut allergies and how to protect your child.

Here are the places working to make the Main Line more accessible for all.

If you are a parent or caregiver involved in custody litigation concerning a child with special needs, it is imperative that you surround yourself with professionals who are knowledgeable about all the potential considerations which apply to your child.

Does your child need more help? AIM Academy is a resource, inside and outside the school’s walls.

As Seen In The Main Line Parent Education Guide

Get To Know These Local Schools,
Where Learning Differences are Supported and Celebrated:

Looking for a school for a gifted student? Learn more about what the The Grayson School is doing for these unique learners at every age.

AIM students are exceeding national fluency norms for average rate of improvement, not simply compared to peers with learning differences.

Under the guidance of Jill Dougherty, a certified reading specialist, this Quaker-based school is creating a seamless learning environment that leads students who learn differently to a lifetime of success.

Benchmark School recently opened an Innovation Lab. Learn how this technology-driven space is helping students expand their learning beyond the traditional classroom.

How the Grayson School is Transforming the Upper School Experience

An interview with Meredith Hafer, Academic Dean at The Grayson School on how Pennsylvania’s only “all gifted, all day” independent school introduces a transformative, authentic scholar model for their upper school.

Delaware Valley Friends School - Tools for Success

Specializing in educating bright children with learning disabilities, this Quaker-based school is proving that students who learn differently can be successful in school - and in life.

Nickie Imprescia moved from New York City to Wayne so she could send Lucy to the K-12 school. Find out why.

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