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Cool Off This Summer With Air Conditioning That Works for You

Let the experts at Adam Mechanical improve your home.

Adam Mechanical Summer AC

As the mercury rises, staying cool becomes a priority. If you’re not happy with your air conditioning situation, maybe this summer is the time to make a change.


Whatever your AC problem, Adam Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning has the solution. With multiple options for new installations, replacing an old system, repairing an existing system, or just a quick early-summer tune-up, the family-owned Havertown company can help.


What Do You Need This Summer?

If you’re limping through summer with window units, consider making the move to some kind of central AC. A centralized system is more effective, more efficient, and can really improve both your quality of life and your indoor air quality.


If you live in an older home, you may be concerned that a traditional system either won’t work for you or will require major work on your house. But a high-velocity system that uses smaller duct work can be installed quickly, with very little disturbance to your walls.


You can also improve the year-around comfort of your home with a unit that provides both heating and air conditioning.


Adam Mechanical owners Seth and Zack Samuel. Photography by Ivory Tree Portraits.

Another option is a ductless, or split, system. These are more for targeted cooling of a specific room or space, and involve an outdoor unit that feeds into a small hose connected to the indoor vent. Ductless systems are very flexible and can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or in a hidden area.


Ductless systems can be a bit more expensive, but offer a lot of flexibility — for example, you can cool a home office only during working hours, not 24 hours a day!


Does Your AC Need TLC?

Every air conditioning system needs a pre-season tune-up, and Adam Mechanical offers an 18-point inspection. But if your aging system needs help, Adam Mechanical’s highly-trained technicians can help diagnose what’s wrong — and help you decide if replacement is the more economical option.


If you do need to buy a new system, Adam Mechanical offers great financing options, so you don’t have to save up to get the comfortable summer you want. You’ll save money on your utility bill with a more efficient system, too!


Breathe Easier This Summer

Indoor air pollution can be a major problem, especially if you or someone in your family has allergies. Adam Mechanical can help there, too, with an indoor air scrubber that cleans the air in your entire house and captures more than 99 percent of the allergens and asthma-causing particles in the air.


You can also purify the air in your home using UV light, or further improve the air quality with a humidifier that works with your heating and air conditioning system.


Want to know more? Contact Adam Mechanical today at 484-254-4858 to hear about our summer specials and schedule a servicing or consultation!



Photograph courtesy of Adam Mechanical. 

Adam Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning is a family-owned and operated business whose primary goal is total customer satisfaction. Since 2002, Adam Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving customers in the Delaware and Montgomery counties. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, same-day service and superior customer service.



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