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A Baby Step Adoption Celebrates 10 Years of Forever Families

Posted July 22, 2015

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There are businesses doing wonderful work right in your own backyard. A Baby Step Adoption, with an office in Bryn Mawr, PA, has been in business for more than 10 years helping clients create their forever families. They have placed hundreds of children all over the United States, and handle up to 100 adoptions each year. The agency was founded and continues to be run by Barbara Casey, Esquire, Fellow of the Pennsylvania Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, local and state bar associations, and Resolve. The Bryn Mawr resident is also the recipient of the 2008 “Angel in Adoption” award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

A Baby Step Adoption is different from other adoption agencies in several ways. For starters, they serve the most diverse client population. They work with single parents and same-sex, LGBTQ, biracial, and unmarried couples. A Baby Step Adoption understands that families come in all forms, and at the end of the day, the only thing that matters for a successful adoption is love.

A Baby Step Adoption also touts short wait times, with 67% of clients matched with a birth mother within 6 months and 92% matched in 9 months. This is truly a remarkable statistic given most agencies have wait times of a year plus. Prospective adoptive families are able to match so quickly because A Baby Step is a one-stop shop. With a family formation attorney at the helm, the agency can provide all adoptive services, including legal, through their office. There is never a need to go anywhere else, which dramatically streamlines the adoption process.

A Baby Step Adoption’s support for the birthparents they work with also differentiates them from many other agencies that focus solely on the adoptive family. The agency works closely with these special people before, during, and after the pregnancy to ensure that they have all of the services and assistance they need completely free of charge. These selfless people are what make adoption possible in the first place.

The agency just celebrated 10 years of creating forever families with a party at the Philadelphia Zoo. More than 20 local families who have adopted in the past decade came out to enjoy a beautiful Sunday at the zoo while catching up with some of the caseworkers from the agency. As part of the celebration, A Baby Step filmed families while they expressed what adoption has meant to them. This touching and emotional video will be released shortly.

Besides adoption services, A Baby Step Adoption specializes in reproductive law services ranging from surrogacy to gestational carriers and embryo adoption.

With 10 years of success, the agency is looking forward to many more years of helping people create their forever families through the gift of adoption.


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