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Ease the Pains of Pregnancy With Bloom Main Line

Posted May 21, 2015

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You can ask any woman who has experienced the amazing journey of pregnancy — it comes with ups and downs, highs and lows, and a heavy dose of aches and pains. If you are currently making your way down this nine-month road or hope to be soon, it’s good to know there’s help out there to make it all a little less of a pain in the butt — literally.

Dr. Brandie Nemchenko created Bloom Main Line in 2007, a chiropractic practice designed specifically for women who are pregnant and looking to ease some pain and discomfort. A division of the King of Prussia Family Wellness Center, incorporated in 2003, Bloom was created around the idea that women should enjoy every part of their pregnancy, and should be able to receive the proper care they deserve.

The first part of that care is the relationship with the patient. At King of Prussia Family Wellness Center, you’re introduced to everyone with a handshake and a smile. Dr. Brandie places her clients needs and problems first — every client is special, and every client is a friend. If you’re new to the world of chiropractic health, the staff will explain everything in detail. Her goal to make every client feel better when they leave than they did when they walked in is not easy. But with hundreds of success stories, five star ratings, and raving reviews on her website and in her office — Bloom Main Line has become a place for moms to feel whole again.

So what makes Bloom so special? Dr. Brandie and her staff provide one-of-a-kind service for women during their pregnancy and beyond. They also provide treatment to help moms and their baby transition through the postpartum stage. New clients will receive a customized treatment plan for their specific needs, which can address common pregnancy and postpartum issues like migraines, back pain, groin pain, or back discomfort. Dr. Brandie is also among the select few chiropractors in the region certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association for the specialized treatment of pregnancy and pediatrics (ICPA), and also certified to perform the Webster Technique.

The doctors at Bloom believe they should not be the only ones helping you during your pregnancy. They work simultaneously with your OB and/or midwife to ensure your care is in sync no matter whose office you are in. When you start your initial consultation, they will also explain massage techniques for you and your partner to use at home — everyone can be involved! Dr. Brandie works alongside only the best in the business, this includes her husband, Dr. Arthur Nemchenko, who was a medical doctor in his home country of Russia, and their friend, colleague and old neighbor, Dr. Eric Brennan. All three doctors have have heavy sports medicine training, and prior to becoming chiropractors, and (fun fact) Dr. Brandie was a paramedic where she helped deliver 10 babies prior to starting her own company.

Dr. Brandie believes strongly that, “pregnancy should be a time of joy, not discomfort. When you look back on those nine months you should only remember the happy times. It is normal and common to have aches and pains in pregnancy, but it is not normal at all to be debilitated by them.” Regular prenatal chiropractic care can result in a comfortable pregnancy with pain relief, a quicker delivery (score!), and optimal fetal positioning. It is 100% safe for you and your child, and a great, holistic way to experience a more positive pregnancy. Dr. Brandie, and all of her colleagues, have heavy sports medicine training that they apply to pregnant woman to help remove pain and get them back to the things they need to do in their life.

Happy with your current chiropractor but interested in the pregnancy care Dr. Brandie can provide? Bloom Main Line doctors will “adopt” you as a new client during your pregnancy and assist with your transition back to our regular chiropractor when you’ve reached your postpartum goals. Need one more perk? They are in-network with most insurances.

Dr. Brandie‘s office, King of Prussia Family Wellness has won “Best of Main Line since 2008” and is a 2015 winner of the Main Line Parent Love Awards.

Learn more or schedule your first appointment with Dr. Brandie, visit

Comments (57)

  • Julie March 15, 2016
    at 7:29 PM

    Wow, this practice keeps getting better and better. Now that Dr. Eric has joined the group, there are more appointment times available for expecting moms. The new office in Wayne is amazing and I love the nursing room for moms to relax with their babies!!!

  • R March 16, 2016
    at 12:41 AM

    This office is Rockstar awesome! They’re endorsed by Troy Aikmen too! The three doctors are amazing!

  • robert March 17, 2016
    at 10:14 AM

    The office is not like any other chiropractic office. 3 great doctors that take great pride in what they do.

  • Charles March 17, 2016
    at 11:48 AM

    Great establishment! Highly recommend Dr Eric.

  • Mariah March 18, 2016
    at 9:01 AM

    Being a preoperative nurse in orthopedic surgery…these are the only chiropractors I trust. Dr. Arthur, Dr. Eric and Dr. Brandie are truly one of a kind.

  • Carrie March 20, 2016
    at 9:49 PM

    I LOVE this place. Their new office just is amazing. I can’t get my kids to leave the office between the train table and castle. They also love playing with the staff here as they are all so friendly. I would not have been able to get through this year without the care of the whole office. They are simply awesome.

  • Pamela Badolato March 21, 2016
    at 8:35 PM

    Pretty much the only reason I survived pregnancy with baby Quattro was because of my adjustments with Dr B!

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