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14 Easy Ways to Show the Love This Valentine’s Day

Melissa Greiner

Melissa Greiner

Executive Editor & Director of Operations

Posted October 1, 2014

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No time, low-cash ways to instantly turn a boring Thursday into a love fest.

We don’t need a Hallmark holiday to remind us who is important in our lives, but it doesn’t hurt to take a timeout and make sure everyone hears how you feel, loud and clear. We’ve come up with 14 adorable — and affordable! — ways to make sure the ones you hold dear feel special this Valentine’s Day. Our gift to you — we do love you so!

1. Have them wake up to a Valentine’s surprise, like red and pink balloons floating on their ceiling or heart confetti sprinkled on their pillow.

2. Make the morning routine sweeter with a love message written on the bathroom mirror. (Use a white board marker — it wipes right off!)

3. Breakfast should get their heart pumping! Try heart-shaped pancakes with a side of strawberries sliced in half and placed next together to form a heart.

4. Decorate the house a bit with fun but easy crafts. A simple heart garland, or a few mini bunches of pink and red flowers can set the tone.

5. Add a special treat in their lunchbox — something simple that even your teen won’t be able to complain about. Think homemade cookies, or cash for something indulgent from the cafeteria.

6. Send them a love note (even an email or text counts!) — everyone from your significant other to your Kindergartener learning to read will enjoy the surprise!

7. For a special dinner everyone can agree on, do a quick ride through town and grab everyone’s take-out of choice, then enjoy picnic-style back home.

8. Take a cue from Thanksgiving and have everyone say one thing they love about the other members of the family.

9. Make eating out of containers a little bit more fancy by mixing in red chevron napkins or pink plastic cutlery.

10. Toast the love in your family! Champagne for the adults, sparkling cider or Shirley Temples for the kids.

11. Create a quick and fun cupcake bar for dessert, complete with red, pink, and white frosting, candies, sprinkles, and other mini adornments.

12. Share the love. Over dessert decide on a charity to visit this month as a family.

13. Cuddle up and watch a classic romantic movie before bed. You are never to young to appreciate the virtues of Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair to Remember.

14. Tell them you love them. Perhaps not the most creative gesture, but certainly the most important.


Photo by Carrie Hill.

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