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Support: Cribs For Kids

Melissa Greiner

Melissa Greiner

Executive Editor & Director of Operations

Posted October 1, 2014

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Help everyone sleep a little better by ensuring babies in our area have a safe place to lay their head.

We all know too well that parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. But there is important information that every mother and father should know to ensure the safety of their child. The Maternity Care Coalition of Philadelphia spends everyday helping educate families about health, nutrition, and safety, helping new additions come home to a welcoming and warm place.

Just one of the coalition’s life-changing programs is Cribs for Kids, a campaign that provides safe cribs to families and educates caregivers about sleep safety. Since its inception in 2004 the program has provided more than 20,000 cribs and held classes for more than 3,000 parents, a steady service of educating families about the dangers of SIDS and the simple but effective ways parents can help protect their newborns.

Cribs For Kids is continually seeking donations to continue purchasing as providing cribs to families in need.  Making a donation is as simple as clicking a link.

If you want to help connect the Maternity Care Coalition with local families in need of their service, there is more you can do. The coalition educates groups like nurses, social workers, medical case managers, and child care providers; e-mail them if you’d like to provide such training to a group you a part of.

And most importantly, make sure you and the parents you love know how to provide the safest night’s sleep they can. For information from the coalition on safe sleep and SIDS, click here.


Photo by Carrie Hill.

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